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About Araq

We are creating the Nim programming language ( which combines a nice Python-like syntax with static typing and the performance of native code.

  • Nim generates native dependency-free executables, not dependent on a virtual machine, which are small and allow easy redistribution.
  • The Nim compiler and the generated executables support all major platforms like Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac OS X.
  • Fast deferred reference counting memory management that supports real-time systems
  • Modern concepts like zero-overhead iterators and compile time evaluation of user-defined functions, in combination with the preference of value-based datatypes allocated on the stack, lead to extremely performant code.
  • Support for various backends: it compiles to C, C++ or JavaScript so that Nim can be used for all backend and frontend needs.
  • Nim is self contained: the compiler and all of the standard library are implemented in Nim.
  • Nim has a powerful macro system which allows direct manipulation of the AST, offering nearly unlimited opportunities.

  • Macros cannot change Nim's syntax because there is no need for it — the syntax is flexible enough.
  • Modern type system with local type inference, tuples, variants, generics, etc.
  • Statements are grouped by indentation but can span multiple lines.

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