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Behind the scenes

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  • Stay up to date with all my works in progress. I'll be posting in detail photos of my process, sketches, and anything that I think you all would enjoy.

Upgraded behind the scenes

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Access to "Behind the Scenes" as seen in tier 1

Upgraded progress photos such as what I use to create.

Brushes, paints, canvas, how I gather my reference photos.

Also videos of some of my work.

Print Tier

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Receive two signed prints per month.(Retail of $30)

Plus all the perks in previous tiers

20% off code for my etsy



About ARayArt

  • Hey everyone! The name is ARay. 
    I have created this Patreon in hopes of getting that little extra help needed to create as much as possible. I've come up with a few different levels of perks for those looking to get involved starting at $1 a month. Check out the descriptions on the side .                           . 

  • I'll be consistently posting lots of cool videos and photos showing my artistic journey and anything else I think you all will find interesting or entertaining. Always open to feedback on what YOU would like to see!
    Behind the scenes of anything art related.
    Progress photos and videos, painting tutorials, sketches, tools I use, etc.
    You'll get an inside look at all of these.
  • Art is my outlet.I discovered that through art I could heal. After experiencing such a wonderful change in my life through painting and creating I realized my purpose on this Earth was to show that transformation to others through my work                                     .
  •  I now seek to inspire others to find creativity in themselves. As well as to express whatever they may have going on in their lives through various mediums of art.
  • With this Patreon pledge you will be helping me out on my goal of spreading my work to as many people as possible.
  • To see more of what I do, check  out ARay's Higher Dimension
  • I'm very excited to show you where I go from here<3
  • Much love,  ARay
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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