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About Arbor the Pernicious Writer

My name is Arbor Winter Barrow
and I'm here to lead you into a whole new world of storytelling. As a child I was armed with a spitfire imagination and I started writing stories in elementary school. Obsessed with Star Wars, Godzilla, mythology from around the world, and reading anything I could get my hands on, I started to develop a personal series of stories one of which developed into the story I spend the most time on right now: The Kinetics Sequence. 
In spite of everything that was working against me (including time) I self-published my first book Kinetics: In Search of Willow on Amazon in late 2014. The last five years I've been working and re-working its direct sequel Forces: In Search of Power and its now slated for release by the end of the year. The middle of last year I started a side project (as more of a personal challenge than anything) writing under the pseudonym Willow Walker. Under that name I wrote and self-published a short sci-fi romance novella called Bounty of Love. I plan to write more sci-fi romance novellas because they are fun and an interesting challenge but everything will take a back burner to the Kinetics Sequence for now!   

Being a new and untested author is a mountain to climb and climbing a mountain requires a lot of resources. I hope to use this Patreon to help fund my dream. I'm putting a lot of my own time, effort, and money into it but a little help to supplement the dream never hurts also it seems like a great way to get more content out to my fans. Any money earned will be used to fund the following:


Audiobooks are a resource for people who don't have a lot of time to sit and read, who might need access to auditory entertainment as opposed to visual entertainment and also they are just plain cool to have! I love audiobooks. I get to listen to them at work, while driving to and fro, and before bed. It's just a few steps up from being told a bedtime story you can't beat that!   


Any author worth their salt, water, and weight in gold should know the value of a good editor. Writing is generally a very solitary process, but even when the first draft is done there's more work to be had. I want to give folks the best content I can and that means paying a good editor for their time and effort. 


Maybe there's a level of self-indulgence in this but I am so taken with the idea of having my characters, book covers, and other randomness on shirts, bookmarks, mugs, stickers, and anything else that people might want to carry around with them.

Limit break

I don't want to limit myself and there ways of telling stories through many mediums and sometimes all it takes is a set of dedicated fans to keep the dream alive. In the game Final Fantasy there's a type of move/power/ability called a limit break. That's you. That's me! The sky's the limit and I like stories that take place in space so let's reach for the moon and end up among the stars. 

You, Me, Adventure, NOW!

I have ideas for days, enough to keep me occupied for at least ten years and undoubtedly I'll come up with another ten years' worth of ideas in the next five (Or less). So join me on this adventure and lets make some stories!  
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