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About Aleks Evtimov

Hi ! 🖐 I am Aleks, the manager of several online eco-minded communities, if you landed on this page, you are surely a member of one of them. Like you, I have never liked pollution, the degradation of ecosystems, war or inequality. In the past, I shared my worries only with my friends. When I created my first Facebook page, I did not understand what I was doing, I was following my intuition which told me that I must make my voice heard. Since I started expressing myself on social media, a group of people who share my values and my concerns formed and gradually started to grow. Today, seven years later, hundreds of thousands of people follow my pages.

Online since 2013 More Trees Less Assholes and Plus d'Arbres Moins de Connards try to make the world a little greener and a little less selfish. The aim of these communities is to develop a network of people who are trying to fight the causes of the ecological crises which are threatening everything we love. Our communities are a bridge of information, ideas and attitudes between heterogeneous people and cultures. Despite our differences we share the same love for the trees, the forests and the animals that live there. We also share the same anxieties, we feel that the world we are creating is not one we want to live in and even less one we want to leave to our children.

Protecting nature is not the priority for the majority of Facebook users, but together we have the power to change this. By using social networks we are able to communicate better with a large number of people who share the same values and concerns. Together, we become more informed, more inspired, more organized and more motivated to act. In addition, our exchanges plant seeds, which sooner or later end up growing even in the least fertile minds! 🌱

The members of our communities are harnessing the power of these new communication technologies and are choosing to use their social media profiles as platforms for messages we don't see on TV or on billboards. Advertising costs a lot of money, social media is no exception. Animals and trees cannot pay for ads on TV, and they cannot pay to promote their posts on Facebook. On the other hand, together, we can be an effective voice for those who don't have one.

🤦♂️Facebook sucks!

Unfortunately, Facebook's algorithm favors sensational content, which limits the kind of messages I can communicate effectively. The goal of Facebook is to make money. My goal is to communicate effectively with as many people as possible about the ecological crisis, a complex and nuanced subject. So there is a dissonance between my desires and the nature of the platform. So I have to juggle between, raw emotion, whether positive or negative, and more  nuanced information, which is often much less viral than a well formulated slogan. I didn't really choose Facebook, rather the opposite happened ... But hey, since we're all there, we can try to do the best we can.

🌍Facebook, it rocks!

I can criticize Facebook for hours on end, but that doesn't mean at all that I dislike the technology or that I underestimate its ability to do good in this world. My own journey is a good example of the unprecedented powers that Facebook grants us. I am a Bulgarian, who lives in Belgium and has a mainly American and French audience. I have never been funded by a powerful company or a government, yet I have managed to create a platform that allows me to speak up and be heard by millions of people every year. What illustrates even better the democratic potential of social networks is that I cannot express myself on my own, I have to do it in synchrony with the people connected to my pages. It is your likes, shares and comments that give wings to my posts. We're doing this together.

Do you have this vision of a world where the lives of living beings are respected? A world that is based on empathy, towards humans, towards other animals, and even towards forests and oceans. This world may be an unattainable utopia, but today we can identify issues that we must resolve in order to change the course of our civilization to a more desirable destination. By communicating effectively in increasing numbers we have the capacity to multiply our positive effect on the health of ecosystems. If you share the same ecological values and anxieties and spend time on Facebook, there are a number of ways you can support the community:

📱Share important posts - That's the bottom line. Together we have a real media platform. We have the capacity to inform, organize and motivate millions of people.

💡Communicate your ideas - If you see something that is important to you, send me the link. If you have an interesting thought, if you have a photo to share or a story to tell, drop me a line on the page.

🗣 Chat in real life - Very often it's hard to start a conversation about what's going on with the environment. We are afraid of being accused of proselytizing or engaging in fatalist thinking. Even those who recognize the dangers of the ecological crisis and are already somewhat aware of critical issues will not talk about them in real life. Strive to do it a little more often ! Who knows maybe a good idea could arise in the course of your exchanges. Maybe you can mention the page or the blog in your conversations? Every person counts!

💸Support the page financially - If you can afford it, but you may not have the time to support me in any other way, opt for a donation. There are a lot of organizations and creators out there that deserve your support, so it's very difficult to choose who we're going to donate to. Is the page useful enough to warrant your support? Honestly, I don't know for sure,but if I didn't believe that this was the case I wouldn't be doing what I do.

Over the years I have published thousands of publications, I have created hundreds of visuals and I have written numerous articles, covering topics related to environmental degradation and the impact it has on human beings. humans, animals and forests. Thanks to the power of social networks, together we have succeeded in reaching the consciousness of millions of people. 🙌

💆♂️No stress!

Even if no one would support my work financially, I would continue to devote a great deal of my free time to my pages and blogs. But as we are in the midst of an ecological crisis we must try to do the maximum possible. The difference your donations can make is that I will have more and more free time and more resources at the disposal of the entire community. I believe that to take full advantage of the potential of our current communities, we could hire a team of 3-4 people. For the moment we are far from this objective, but who knows, one day we could achieve it.

⏰Working takes time!

Maintaining pages is not a particularly hard job, but it is time consuming. I have to create and find both, content that will be viral enough to keep the community active, and content that is more complex, less sensational, but important. I'm supposed to communicate with a lot of people on a daily basis: I have to reply to page members, I have to interact with other activist creators, and I have to respond to idiotic comments, which bombard all environmental posts on Facebook. And then there's the visuals, the articles, and occasionally the videos that add to my list of potential tasks. Plus, there are all the costs related to the hosting of my sites, software, graphics support etc.

🌱Let's seize the opportunity!

Having a great ecological page is really a responsibility that I have to take seriously, as it has the capacity to raise not only my voice, but also those of all the people who follow it and all the artists and activists with whom I work. If I don't publish anything, we have all lost an opportunity to communicate, educate ourselves and educate people who are not particularly interested in the environment.

We live in perilous times, therefor we must seize all the possible opportunities. That is why I want to invest as much time and resources as possible in the maintenance and development of our virtual communities. Companies that destroy nature invest tens of thousands of euros each month to maintain their presence on social networks. Trees also need their virtual space, they can't speak, it's up to us to give them a voice!

🥇What do you earn?
You'll see more environmental posts in your News Feed, and you'll know that millions of other people are seeing them too, thanks to your support.

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This will pay for all of my monthly expenses directly related to my work : software, hosting services and social security.
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