Arcade Wreckage is creating Arcade Videos

General Audience

$1 /mo
This is for someone that just wants to show their appreciation even if you cannot afford the bigger tiers.

Monthly plushie

$25 /mo
In this tier you will get a plushie once every month. We will both sign it and send it over to you!

You choose the game!

$50 /mo
Once a month you can suggest any game (Where we can find it locally) and we will play it for you w/ a shoutout. If you want, you can introduce any rules for that game. (Ex. Play gold fishin' with y...

The Director

$100 /mo
Want to choose what type of video you want to see? Well once a month you tell us what you want to see. Maybe a challenge with a punishment? Or maybe a can we win it video. You choose all the specif...