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I am on the early days of a journey in creating Arcane Knowledge, a journey I hope you will join me on. I have always loved board games but it was at the tender age of 30 that I fully embraced this hobby and started buying any game I could get my hands on. Then this year, at the no less tender but slightly older age of 35, I played my first RPG at a local Games Cafe and I was hooked! I embraced my inner Druid and have way more dice than a sane person should have and I realised I love finding accessories that enhance my playing, be it character journals, dice boxes, spell cards, or coins and tokens. The issue is that there are so many places now offering tabletop gaming accessories, and whilst there are good reviewers out there they all seem to be in the US and not where I am based in the UK, so I wanted to help guide fellow new gamers in the UK to the best accessories and sites out there, plus a lot of reviewers approach things from a DM perspective rather than as a player, so I decided to start a site where I review products from an enthusiastic, but new player’s perspective. To do this to the best of my ability though I will need more than just good intentions, so I thought I could ask people who like the look of what I’m doing to help me with some funding. In return I can grow Arcane Knowledge to include video reviews, as well as looking into some board game reviews, and possibly even start creating my own gaming accessories, but that is my big dream! For now I will use any funding to improve the site, get audio-visual equipment to get video reviews going, and possibly a vlog detailing my gaming adventures, and of course to help me purchase a range of accessories to see what is out there that a player needs, what luxurious items are just nice to have, and what you can get away with avoiding. If you join me on this venture then I hope to keep you entertained and informed, and I will always be open to ideas and feedback so don’t be shy!
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My current plan is to add two reviews a month to my site, if I get to 50 patrons then I’ll double that to four a month, that’s one review a week, yay!
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