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Thanks so much for your support!

Iron is for those who want to show support and receive some benefits for it!
【 Tier Rewards 】
  • Unique previews of new features.
  • Discord Reward: Iron Rank.
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Get access to a Patron Exclusive Plugin!

Steel is for those who want to see continued development of my plugins, and gain access to an exclusive patron-only plugin!
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  • Access to the Arceon plugin.
  • Discord Reward: Steel Rank.
  • All previous rewards.
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A high tier; thank you so much for the wonderful support!

Gold is for those who really want to and are willing to support me in this awesome journey, and I am incredibly grateful!
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  • Non obfuscated source code of Arceon.
  • Discord Reward: Gold Rank.
  • All previous rewards.
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About Arcaniax

Hello, I'm Arcaniax!

I am a Java developer that enjoys creating custom building tools for Minecraft.

You may know me from...

goBrush  •  goPaint  •  Head Database  •  Builder's Utilities

  What is Patreon?  

Patreon is a service that allows you to pledge to send regular payments to a creator, which massively helps them to improve their content, continue creating new things, and support themselves.

  Why should you pledge?  

Any pledges to this Patreon will support the creation and maintenance of more creative tools for everyone to use.

Pledging gives you access to a Patron Exclusive plugin, known as Arceon!  This plugin includes a large amount of custom tools, generators, and brushes, and has comprehensive documentation.  This plugin is able to stay in development due to the massive support from my patrons!  You can access the plugin by pledging to the Steel tier.

  Why did I choose Patreon?  

With your support, I will be able to spend more time working on my free plugins, such as goBrush and goPaint, and even be able to release more plugins in the future!  Patreon allows me to work on really cool stuff for everyone while still being able to support myself.  It also ensures that I can keep my plugins in development for a very long time, which means I can always have polished and expansive tools for people to use!

  Can you use a Patron Exclusive plugin on a public server?  

Yes, but please be sure to ask me for permission before you do!

  What tools are available in the Patron Exclusive plugin?  

Click on the images to see a demonstration of some brushes!
Documentation can be found on the  Arceon Wiki.

$2,106.07 of $3,500 per month
I can somehow live from just Patreon?

Also I'll give Verum a one time $1 donation :)
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