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About ArenaMaster

Hello, fellow PvPers!

ArenaMaster ( was built to solve a problem we're all too familiar with, and that is finding quality partners to play with.

If you're like me, you probably spent WAY too much time sitting in LFG scrolling through groups that MIGHT be a fit for you. You then apply, copy-pasting your current rating and experience and linking relevant achievements. 

Then you repeat that over and over until you get frustrated and decide to create your group (because for some reason you can't have an active group and apply to others).

Now you're either running in circles on your mount or are AFK and alt-tabbed waiting for your WoW icon to glow orange so you can check who applied. You get back in the game only to see the CR and EXP they noted/whispered and then tab again going to Armory or some other website to check if their CR and EXP is actually true...

So much time is wasted on everything except the one thing you logged on to do - PLAYING WOW ARENA/RBG.

ArenaMaster to the rescue!

ArenaMaster features an improved LFG system that helps you find your ideal teammates before you're even in-game. Here's how it works:

1. Visit and sign up for FREE
2. You'll get redirected to your settings page where you can see available integrations (, Discord, Twitch)
3. Click the "Connect with" button and authorize the application with your account's characters

Now you can experience the ArenaMaster LFG System ( The two main use cases are creating groups and applying to groups.

Creating a group:
- You select the character you want to play (by default it's your main with the highest rating)
- You select the current rating and experience range of characters that can apply to your group
- You select the classes and specializations you're interested in playing with
- You add the group title, description and team goal to ensure your interests align with your future partners

Only characters that match those qualifications will be able to see and apply to your group! And the best part is, you don't have to sit there and wait for someone to apply. You'll get notified when they do.

Applying to groups:
- All you have to do is select the character you want to play and only groups that are relevant to you will show up. You can apply with one click and an optional note and your CR, EXP and character info will automatically be sent to the group leader.

Apart from that, you can use the smart search to inspect any character and view their PvP stats, as well as their Achievements, Gear, Talents and Potential Alts. You don't have to worry about characters with weird accented letters; the search is smart for a reason.

You can also download the ArenaMaster Addon ( and get the ability to easily check any player's arena and rbg experience without having to leave the game as well as get a direct link to their ArenaMaster Profile.

Some other features include:
- Twitch Integration which promotes your Twitch Stream on your character profiles
- Discord Integration which invites you to a member-only Discord server
- Notification settings for LFG alerts, Addon Updates and more
- Managing your character list and changing your main
- Dashboard for managing your groups and applications to groups
- Ability to follow characters

And much much more is on the way. Visit to learn more and try it out.

All of this functionality is FREE AND WILL ALWAYS BE FREE. If you want to support my work, get some useful perks and become a driving force in the direction of the app, please consider supporting on Patreon. I would really appreciate it!

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