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About Ari_Stocrate

Good Morning, Good Evening or Good Night depending on where you live !

My name is Harry, and i am a wiza... *AHEM*
My name is Ari, and i am a baguette french Comic strip creator, 
I am here because my dream is -as some of you may know- to undergo surgery to get gills so i can go search for underwater treasures. 
So if you like my comics and would like to help me transition into a dolphin, please be my guest and donate up to 1$ per month on this page ! 
No more, because it feels too weird that someone's salary be a part of mine... if that makes any sense... so 1$ TOP !! 

(me and the jasps and my first comic album available on amazon)

Johnny Vampire tome 1
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-Your fellow douchenugget Ari
ps : i linked a good song 

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