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I Will Help You Come Out Of Your Shell And Take Your Performing And Storytelling Skills To A Professional And Authentic Level On Stage And Camera.

as a reward for you supporting me create
Dark Stories

Hi, I am Ariane de Melo and this is my Patreon Channel!
(What is Patreon?* Scroll to the end)
I am a cosplaying published Fantasy author, as C.A. Saltoris, a former professional actress and theater director, I have officially coached speakers for TEDx events, conferences and have helped hundreds of people improve their communication, performance and presentation skills for stage and camera in the past years (You can see testimonials here). I have done most of the work while pregnant and during the baby-months of my son.
But I got tired and nearly burned out, so I quit coaching speakers and all my content is now wasted. My time is dedicated to my family and my novels (which you will get here, too. Yas!), and everything I have ever created for speakers is lying in a drawer.

And oh, yes, I am an artist, and all of my work is based on one of my Dark Fantasy novels, I help people find their Uniqueness hidden in the dreams they gave up on, and use it as a form of expression, I even gave a TEDx talk about this: Your Uniqueness lies in your Dead Dreams | Ariane de Melo | TEDxHUBerlin so you can imagine that people who don't really get artists have a hard time following my thinking, though I provide - proven - high-class results.

... Everything I Teach Works For Videos & Live-Streams As Well As For Stages

I had financial success but everything that really matters on the way, and I almost burned out.

For supporting me write my books, and shoot professional and informative videos in cemeteries, scary and lost places around Europe (I live in Berlin, how cool is that?!), I will be rewarding you with my finest communication training that you cannot get ANYWHERE because it has always been paid stuff.

My public profile here on Patreon has videos of my communication training, samples of my writing, reviews from the books, quotes, and information about me, so you can see if this channel is the one you have been looking for.

The books, the stories, the videos, behind the scenes,
and all the other goodies are rewards, too, of course!


  • Eliminating anxiety aka stage fright
  • Finding the right technique to deliver stories compellingly
  • Structuring your videos, live-streams, and talks for more impact and engagement
  • Crowd control
  • Awkwardness
  • Body Language and Mimic
  • Presenting in a cool, relaxed, conversational tone
  • Jealousy producing levels of charm and charisma
  • Coming out of your shell
  • Having fun on stage and creating videos

(Depending on the Tier you pick)
  • Improve your voice for better intonation and timing
  • Become more confident
  • Have more fun, which makes you more charismatic
  • Learn how to deal with difficult situations
  • Master stage fright
  • Found the piece of you that is missing
  • Create and embodied your stage/camera persona for more professionalism and impact
  • Learn the TED(x) secrets to implement in your videos.
  • Have all the tools and the step-by-step to create a presentation or a talk, video, or live-stream that is powerful, entertaining, and most importantly: FULLY YOU!

People will get addicted to you because we work here for standing ovations.
You can read more about my background on my website. Click here to visit it.

I will be forever honored and grateful to call you my patron.
Thank you!

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This model is a win-win; creators retain creative freedom while getting the salary they deserve, and fans get to rest easy knowing that their money goes directly towards creating more of what they love.

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