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About Ari Koinuma

Hey friend, thanks for checking out my Patreon page!

What I Do

You're probably wondering -- what is "impactful" music?

I call a piece of music "impactful" when it's so expressive that it makes us feel something.  

And by "us" I mean both musicians performing the music, and listeners.  

It's an antithesis to disposable music.  Some music is constructed to in such a way that it brings out strong feelings -- whether it's joy, uplift, grief or rage.  

Most musicmakers will tell you that it's a great honor when audience tells them their music means a great deal to them.  But yet, we musicians often think of that as if it's a matter of luck -- sometimes you get lucky and write great songs.

It is an art, to craft meaningful songs, but just as film composers can evoke whatever feelings s/he wants us to feel, I'd say songwriters can develop the ability to create impactful music at will. 

I've been on a quest to learn what it takes to create such music myself, and I share what I learn along the way.  With the ultimate goal of creating a community or movement around the concept of impactful music -- a circle in which those seeking impactful music come together and empower those who wish to create such music. 

So I:
  • make my own music (mostly rock) with the aim of making it as impactful as I can
  • share what I learn about crafting impactful songs
  • tell people about other artists' impactful songs

How We Can Help Each Other

Join me in this impactful music movement!  Our mission is to create and spread impactful music to the world.  I have dreams of releasing music, writing books, putting together classes and seminars, creating playlists and making presentations.  But I can't do this unless there is a community of music lovers who believe in the idea of impactful music, how making and spreading it makes the world a better place.  

So, please join me by pitching in $1 a month.  

In exchange, I'll share with you CD-quality recordings of my original music and covers, and exclusive posts.  When the group gets larger, so will the list of exclusives -- a private Facebook group, exclusive online concert or hangout, early peeks of original recordings and other materials I'm preparing, and so on.  

Thanks!  I look forward to getting to know you!
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I wish I could gather all twenty of you in one place, it'd make a great coffeehouse-sized intimate concert.  Alas, that's next to impossible, so I'll instead create a special patron-only recording of one of my original tunes and send them your way.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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