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Filmmaking is magic and a magician never shows how he did the trick.  But you people are special.  We are making these films together.  So if you donate 1 dollar or more you'll get 1 to 4 sneak peeks per month and gain insight into how ideas are developing.  Maybe an excerpt from the film I'm currently working on or a sketch that's going to later be worked into a feature film.
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Even indie films cost money.  By backing 15 dollars or more you are an associate supporter and will be thanked in the credits of any feature films you have empowered me to work on.  You'll also immediately get the first 3 minutes of the film I'm currently working on in the page immediately following the payment page.
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Huge impact can be made in the world with very small groups working together.  At 75 dollars per video you are in that small group helping me make films in a hands on capacity.  We'll speak over skype at least once and from time to time as needed about how we can best mobilize these efforts and spread the reach of these films.




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Hello.  I make feature length indie films.  The first film I made is about being afraid of falling in love for the first time.  It's called Four Eyed Monsters.  The title refers to the entity of a couple.  4 eyes.  2 mouths.  8 limbs wrapped around itself in narcissistic self adoration.  It's disgusting and yet you can't help but want to become one. 

That was followed up by an online series extending that story world.  The characters do transcend their fears before our eyes but of course the whole thing eventually blows up in their faces as nuclear style destruction ensues.

It's all completely autobiographical as you might have guessed.  So the heart break, credit card debt, homelessness & wandering the globe searching for new meaning are all very real and inspired a new journey and a new project.

I'm now completing a second film and it's about being afraid to fall in love for a second time.  It's about how we know through modern neuroscience that our lives are an illusion constructed by our brains this film asks the question of whether or not love then is also an illusion.  If so why go through it's volatile ups and downs more then once.  Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me.  But maybe we should give love a second chance.  But a 10th chance?  A 20th chance?  Maybe there is no success but instead simply a ritual we have the opportunity to engage with.  What's proposed is the idea that while life is an illusion, maybe love itself is the only thing that is actually real.

Here on patreon I'm posting from time to time an excerpt from the movie or a deleted scene or a remix of raw materials.  All videos are for your eyes only.  The feature films are for the world at large but these exclusive videos are just for the people who want to support my filmmaking on a regular basis.

I'll never post more then 4 videos in one month and will target to do at least 1 per month.  If I'm in the thick of the production process then I'll post if nothing else a video to say hello and to thank you for your ongoing support.  All videos will also always feature original music.  Possibly a polished track I've produced for my films or possibly a collaboration I've commissioned or co-produced or in some cases just a raw sketch of a musical idea that will later evolve into a piece I'll use in a movie in another incarnation of the idea.

Thanks for joining in and being a part of the ride.
-Arin Crumley

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It's going to cost money to travel around and show the film.  I'll make money in that process too but that will all be put back into the projects past, present and future expenses.  So this $100 per video will help me go on the road and while I'm at it I'm going to network all of the indie film venues I can find together using so that more indie filmmakers can easily get there work out to the world theatrically.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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