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About Ariyume

I'm Ariyume and I write translyrics for Vocaloid and Anime!

Who are you?

I'm just an anime weeb that's into anime. I'll be honest with you, I actually hated anime. When I was introduced to anime I thought that a character's voice (specifically a girl) was super annoying. Three years later I live in a world where character's voices are fifty percent higher than usual.

I have an experience in Vocaloid and anime for three years so far and during those years I practiced skills on drawing anime and learning about Vocaloid.

What are translyrics?
Translyrics are a translation of the lyrics from one language to another. I plan to only translate from Vocaloid and Anime music (mostly Japanese).

What is Vocaloid?
Short answer, Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer software.
I know that wiki's aren't the best, but here is more info on Vocaloid

Why use Patreon?
Let me tell you that I am no expert in writing lyrics. I set up a boundary for myself that I would be patient and start working on Vocaloid whenever I'm ready, but I guess I got impatient because here I am using Patreon.

I use Patreon because people who inspire me also use Patreon. I'm not saying to follow every single thing your idol does, do what's best for you! But I also use Patreon because my parents tell me to go write a song or something, maybe write a book. "Just make sure to support yourself." So I chose to write translyrics.

Why should I support you?
With just enough help from you guys I can keep my passion alive and grow it into something bigger. In the future I plan to make a YouTube channel so I can keep doing my passion and not have to worry about finding another one I can learn the skills for. I once heard, "Make sure to have multiple passions, in case you lose a skill, you won't have to start from the bottom."

What will I get in return?
To be honest, I feel really guilty earning money for something that I am not proud of. It took me guts to create a Patreon just for a passion. But without Patreon, I know that I will just become lazy in the future. So I will make things simple. I will start of by offering early releases of my written translyrics of Vocaloid, Anime, etc.

Is that it?
I want to say thank you. As a new member of Patreon, I hope that my passion will grow in the future. I honestly thought that my work was a waste, but before it goes in the trash I hope that Patreon will not let me down.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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