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All the tutorials I am making are included in all tiers and will be available on Youtube and here on Patreon.
But they are not free to make. It takes time to do the research, create files, record, edit, add audio, plus the equipment, taxes, utilities etc.
So any contribution you make is much appreciated and will help me continue sharing rigging and animation knowledge. Thank you.
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At this tier, your name will be shown in a credits list at the end of every tutorial video made for this Patreon. Change your name to shout out your game, podcast, website, or project!

Includes all previous tier rewards.

Personal Feedback

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You can submit one file per month for me to provide constructive criticism or problem solutions. My critique can be in the form of an email with a blender file or a video or whichever I think will give the best result.

This critique can be about solving rig problems, giving animation feedback or anything else on the topic of rigging and animation.

Personal projects only. If you are a company then pick one of the Enterprise tiers.

Includes all previous tier rewards.




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About Armin Halac

Hi! My name is Armin Halac and I have been working as a professional Technical Animator/Rigger and Character Animator for more than a decade, most recently moving on to work as an Art Lead in the games industry.

As a designer or artist, in order to stand above the crowd I believe the best thing you can do is to learn how to rig and animate your creations. These skills open up tons of new ways to showcase and bring life to your content.

But rigging and animation are hard, you might say. Sure they can be if you are learning from random places on the internet that don't offer a structured approach to how and what to learn. Rigging and animation are about iteration and problem solving plus art, they are not a step by step process of replicating what someone else made. I want to give you a set of tools and teach you how to think like a rigger/animator and use those tools to rig and animate all your creations.


The software of choice here will be Blender because it is readily available for anyone at no cost, you can run it on pretty much any computer, and it makes many things easier to do than other pieces of software.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a service that allows you to pledge to send regular payments to creators so they can continue making new content just for you.
It helps with supporting the content creators directly without having them rely on advertising and sponsorship, which means all the content is uncompromised, without clickbaits and other silly practices.

Is this Patreon for you?

This Patreon is made for anyone who wants to learn 3D rigging and animation. No previous rigging or animation knowledge is required, we are starting at the ground level.

Here are some examples of who could benefit from these tutorials:
  • Artists making 3D models who want to take their art a step further and give it life.
  • Designers who need to showcase how their creations would function. Machines, creatures, weapons or anything that you could show with animation rather than explain through a bunch of renders and text descriptions.
  • Animators who want unique rigs and are stuck with working with all the same rigs that everyone else is using, who want to learn how to customize and extend existing rigs, or just to get a better understanding of the rigging process
  • UI artists creating pre-rendered animation or rigged meshes to be used in UI
  • Students
  • Real-time VFX artists
  • Motion Graphics Designers
  • Hobbyists
  • etc

What do I get for my money?

My goal is to deliver at least 2-4 posts every month. Depending on the complexity of the subject at hand, it might happen that a month gets even more posts or a fewer but with more content.

As soon as you subscribe you will also get access to all the previously posted content.
30 of 100 patrons
Reaching a 100 subscribers will be an incredible motivation for me to continue creating content. With that number, I can do more meaningful polls and drive this Patreon towards what the community really wants.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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