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About A.R. Moxon (Julius Goat)

There are some who call me ... Goat. Hi. You probably know me from Twitter. You can call me Andrew. I'm not picky.

I wrote this thread.
And this one.
And this one.
And a bunch more.

I also wrote this on my blog. It's a long-form essay called "Bubbles," and if you read it you're my friend.

I've got a novel coming out. It's called The Revisionaries, and it's a bunch of fun, except for the serious bits, which are very serious indeed, but in any case you should preorder it, because it is, in my opinion, good. There are acrobats in it, for example, and also street priests. Stuff like that.

I'm setting this up for those who like my writing and want to show their appreciation by sending me somewhere between one and a million dollars a month.*

If there are a bunch of you, I'll probably do a lot here. If not, I'll probably do a little. It's fine either way. You're good folk, trusty and true. I know you'll do what's right.

Anything you choose to give is extremely friendly.

*If you want to send me MORE than a million dollars a month, PLEASE contact my attorney ahead of time, as there will be paperwork, probably. I'm just trying to save us both headaches.

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