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is creating mailmindr and other useful things

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About Arnd Issler

Who am I?
Hi there, I'm Arnd, a nerd from Hamburg, Germany. In my free time I create useful stuff you might like and are to available on  my GitHub page.

A brief overview on what I'm currently working on:

Mozilla Thunderbird AddOn: mailmindr.
The most "famous" project is  mailmindr, an AddOn to add capabilities for setting follow-up to the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client. It's listed in the AddOns directory, so check out the mailmindr page on This project is heavily time consuming, as Thunderbird 78 (and beyond) provide a complete new feature set and API, so I have to rewrite the AddOn nearly in full.

OSS & tools.
Additionally to this I support open source software and tools, like Mozilla Thunderbird, lerna, Definitively Typed and others, either with source code contributions, donations or bug tickets. 

If you want to support my work on this, you're welcome to become a Patron. 

There is no difference btw the tiers: no secret information, no additional contact options. It's just to support my work by supporting me with some bucks.

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