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About Arnesa

Hello/Salaam/Zdravo... I'm Arnesa...or @Rrrrnessa as most of you know me on twitter.

If you've made it here you might already be familiar with my work. I'm a writer, an analyst, and a recovering academic. Throughout my time on social media, I have put in a great deal effort to create and distribute distinctive writings related to the Bosnian genocide, genocide denial, Yugoslavia, the Balkans, Islamophobia, Socialism and Feminism. I'm also the author of "Letters from Diaspora" which is a collection of short stories focusing on life after war as a refugee in the Diaspora. Prior to any of my published writing, I was a local activist, community organizer, and even a counselor working with victims of domestic violence. You can feel free to read more about me and my work on

I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and learning (as well as growing) with my twitter audience but I have never before been in a situation to be able to dedicate myself to my writing, specifically from an educational point. Now that I am recovering from my cancer bout, I feel more clear-headed and ready to provide you all with the extensive content so many of you have seeked out from me before. 

There are few leftist Muslim women voices and even fewer leftist Balkan women voices on mainstream media, this is my way of creating a platform that brings a perspective that's often ignored and minimized (when it's not being plagiarized).

Since a large number of you voted on a poll to have me start a patreon; you can help by supporting my work (in any manner you chose). The more you give; the more I am able to create and give back to you.

Here are some forms of content I plan on producing for you:

Articles and essays: So many of you read and take an interest in the twitter threads and articles I have produced before (feel free to check out some of my prior work on for examples.) I will be writing personal essays, educational articles, and original analysis on all the topics you love to hear from me (and more).

Reading lists and recommendations: From reviews to detailed recommendations, I plan to utilize this space to curate and highlight original, interesting, or never-before-heard of books and other recommendations that I know will assist you in your path towards knowledge.

Videos: From the ranting ones on topics (some of you which you will get to chose) that matter the most to some more intimately personal ones. This space will serve not only as a platform for my writing but also as an even better way to connect with you all.

Exclusive Access: Want to read words that matter before anyone else? Get early and exclusive access to my fiction and unpublished work? Now you can!

I thank you in advance for your support and look forward to providing you with unprecedented content. Any form of support will have a tremendous impact on my ability to continue creating content that matters and informs. 

Let's grab a cup of coffee and get started!

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When I reach 500 Patrons, I would like to start a weekly advice/opinion vlog populated by questions from my patrons. These could be social, political, personal, or religious in nature
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