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About A Robot Named Fight

A Robot Named Fight is a game continuously being developed by one guy. Me! Matt Bitner.

The game combines the genres of roguelite and metroidvania to create an endlessly re-playable platformer centered around item based exploration. It is heavily influenced by Super Metroid and Binding of Isaac, but draws inspiration from a wide range of retro classics as well.

The game launched on Steam September 7th, 2017 with a full single player campaign, local co-op, and achievement based unlocks for new items and additional endings. However, the nature of the game lends its self to the continuous integration of new content, and I intend to do just that.

Your support on Patreon will allow me to continue working on the game full-time, keeping it ever stocked with new items, monsters, bosses, environments and more!
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Five hundred dollars a month will ensure I'm able to work on supporting ARNF full-time and update the game at least once a month, probably more.
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