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Welcome to the family!  You are here because we are truly spiritual kin. You feel the trees, the rocks and the drum in your bones. 

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About Monticue Connally

Herbalism, Ancestral Ritual, Song, Rhyme & Self Discovery

Hey Root Folk! My name is Monticue, I’m an African American shaman, seer, father, artist and student of the plants. It seems that I'm unlocking deeper levels of awareness and spiritual power all the time. As I test and investigate the scope of my own abilities, I have also been using these extra senses to learn the stories of many trees, rocks and even man made objects I once considered voiceless. I ask you to faithfully walk alongside as my talents evolve. It is very possible that the changes you see emerge in me, also unlock potential within yourself. Come with me. Perhaps you have a tale similar to my own.

Let’s vibe together! Hear my stories, grow from my experience! Touch, taste and feel the essence of magic. The power of the egg, the strength of the roots, the clearing force of the quartz and the pure magic of an unlocked mind. I’m a rare breed, feeling into worlds long forgotten. Take my hand and let me stretch you. Allow me to bend your mind and push you into the world plant spirits, the ancestors and the hidden aspects of your very own soul. Walk with me deeper into the multidimensional truth of things. Let’s no longer see tree as mere “tree” but as sentient being, companion, master of balance, portal, traveler and medicine giver.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a vehicle that allows you, the seeker of awesomeness to hop right into the passenger seat and ride with the artists and creatives you love the most. Now you can witness, support and be a part of projects from their conception. The money you pay monthly is not a donation or purchase. The monthly fee is only your way of letting me know that you’re with me.

What to expect 
- Useful mini classes
- Herbal remedies
- Tag along on various herbal business ventures with Jiridon Apothecary
- Tarot readings
- Receive esoteric plant wisdom
- To journey with me as I give community herb walks
- Entertaining stories and Inspiring Words
- Poems, Music, Songs
- Advice on ways to deal with mysteries of the unseen
-Thought provoking passages from various metaphysical and herbal books
- Humorous moments with my family  
- Parental advice for spiritually sensitive children
- Educational Rap verses to help you to memorize important information
- Rituals to help connect to Mama Nature and the ancestors
- Interesting insights on how the children of a seer cope with the oddness of it all

Where your support goes:
- My capacity to freely work and create inside my gifts.
- Allow me to give free herbal consultations to the community.
- Keeps the cost of Jiridon Apothecary medicines low and much more affordable to people who need them the most.
- Covers the cost of creative/professional materials.

Why Patreon?
Follow your heart on this matter. Please don’t feel pressured to become a patron. If you you feel called, your heart will lead you back when it's time.

My Brief Story:
I grew up haunted. In the darkness, I saw and felt things that no one else could explain. The hauntings would keep me up all night and this affected my school performance heavily. When I got older the spiritual hauntings continued to create issues for me through both work and college. Eventually I stopped being afraid and faced the spirits that had plagued me all my life. When you look at your enemy, you are able to notice things about him. I learned things that helped me cope. One of the major breakthroughs in my life was bringing home a specific root from the mountains that protected me from my evil spirits. This began my fascination with plants. Now I have many allies to aid myself and my community from both demon and illness alike. Now I make and sell a “Bad Vibe Repellant” made from the trials and errors of fighting off these creatures. I also give tips to seers in my neighborhood, learn from nature directly and most importantly, thanks to this knowledge, I’m able to provide herbal services for people that can’t afford healthcare. I was honored with the Preventive Care Leadership Award just this year for my services. Plant medicine has brought me along way, and there is still a long road ahead. 

My fiancé and I pooled our interests and powers together to create Jiridon Apothecary, an herbal/metaphysical entity that provides medicine and spiritual support to the community.

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When we reach 200 I'll be able to pour more time into finishing my book of herbal rhymes and esoteric nature secrets!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 122 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 122 exclusive posts

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