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About Aro Worlds

Hello! I'm K. A. Cook, creator of the Tumblr blog @aroworlds: a place for aromantic creatives to find an aromantic audience–and aro audiences to find aro-centred creative media. As an allosexual nebularomantic/idemromantic creator struggling to get my work out into the world, I made this blog as a one-stop home for aromantic art, fiction and expression.

My projects include the Aro-Spec Artist Profiles, where other aromantic-spectrum creatives in all disciplines talk the intersection of their creativity and their aromantic experiences, and Hallo, Aro, a flash fiction series about allosexual aromanticism (aromantics who experience sexual attraction). I also write short stories and novelettes about trans, queer, mentally-ill, disabled and autistic characters on the aromantic spectrum. The Marchverse and Eagle Court series feature aromantic narrating protagonists, and When Quiver Meets Quill collects fourteen different aromantic-spectrum stories.

Thus far, I've written stories about loveless aros, aros in QPRs, unpartnered aros, aros whose aromanticism is tangential to the story, aros whose story is all about their aromanticism, aros dealing with amatonormativity and antagonism, aros discovering their aromanticism, aros coming to terms with their aromanticism, and aros with a variety of relationships to romance!

I'm also the creator of the Allo-Aro Resource Hub - a collection of resources devoted to allo-aro content, including allo-aro 101, a flag guide, a community directory, my allo-aro fiction list and a page of posts about allo-aro experience, erasure and equity on the Aro Worlds WordPress and my sibling Tumblr @alloaroworlds.

Additionally, I run the website Aro Arrows, a free aromantic stock image site. There's little in the way of extant stock images, so I wanted to make sure that every aro, irrespective of artistic or financial ability, can display their pride on websites and in publications. Images include arrow dividers, an array of banners and a series of pride frames.

In my downtime, I'm experimenting with aromantic pride in cross stitch, including the creation of different types of pride patches and tutorials for making them.

My next project is to take the allo-aro hub a step further and create a community-authored allo-aro zine aimed at LGBTQIA+ and a-spec organisations. Few general aromantic resources and guides do more than acknowledge that not all aromantic-spectrum folks are asexual, and I don't think this goes far enough in educating others on the needs and experiences had by allo-aros. A zine is the next step in making our voices more accessible both inside and outside aromantic community spaces.

Your patronage means that I am able to keep freely posting some of my fiction (so aromantics, especially allo-aros, have access to representation irrespective of income) and further develop community resources and publications. It will allow me to spend less time worrying about how I'm going to survive and more time creating the content my community needs to thrive.

You can find out more about my creativity and aromantic identities on my bio page and my own artist profile. Thank you so much for your kind support!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 83 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 83 exclusive posts

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