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Aroy Mak

Creating Videos, AntiNano Devices, Share knowledge on Health&Nutrition

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About Aroy Mak

Hello visitors and friends! 

Let me tell you a bit about my page here, "Aroy Mak". 
The person behind the Aroy Mak channel name has an electronic engineering background and more than 25 years of experience in the Medical Devices segment, Has high interest in nutrition, physical exercise and other practices which contribute to good health & well-being, via
  • removing the factors that create dis-ease,
  • fortifying the immune system with proper nutrition (food and high-quality supplements)
  • restoring the damages at the cellular and DNA level.

Aroy Mak is publishing for free information, ideas and practical applications. He also believes in the power of the network with like-minded persons. Therefore, he also shares for free, information and ideas from other like-minded individuals, who have given him permission to do so. 

You can become a patron on his channel, just to "say" thank you for the time and effort to put together the videos and blogs. 
But you can become a patron with higher contributions and you will have access
  • to exclusive chats and content, 
  • insights on projects that he is involved or investigating, 
  • detailed information on specific topics. 
  • Or even watch earlier than the general public some videos. 
  • additional services in a form of consultation, on topics that he is knowledgable.
The funds that are arisen from the Patrons' donations are invested back to the channels, to equipment & SW for the videos and for devices he is working on, and/or materials, (including raw materials & supplements), that are/will be needed to expand the knowledge, experiment further with different technologies, create or improve prototype devices.
Then as definite conclusions or outcomes are achieved, he is/will share the details back to his Patrons community.
$12.61 of $100 per month
When I reach at $100 per month for two months continuously, I will publish a short video, explaining what is the meaning of the avatar I have chosen for my channel.
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