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About Martin Tournoij

I created GoatCounter, a 100% open source web statistics platform without tracking of personal data.

There is a (paid) hosted version available at This Patreon page exists mainly for people who self-host GoatCounter but also want to make sure I can pay the rent :-)

Also see: Launching GoatCounter; or: let's try and make a living from this Open Source thing.

Other project I'm working on:

  • gopher.vim – a Vim plugin for Go. This also includes work on some external tools like gosodoff and goimport.
  • uni – query the unicode database from the commandline.
  • hello-css – a CSS template focused on readability.
  • testing.vim is probably the best test framework for Vim out there (IMHO, but I might be biased).
  • jumpy.vim – a small but rather useful Vim plugin.
  • BestAsciiTable – because many of are actually quite crap.
  • Worked on zlog, zhttp, formam.
  • GoatLetter (unreleased, hopefully in a few months) – a newsletter service, with a similar design ethic as GoatCounter.
  • VimLog – a more useful ChangeLog for Vim (there’s much more new stuff happening than you’d might think!)
  • Unnamed recipe site (unreleased, unplanned) – loads of ‘em suck; I have some pretty clear ideas how to do it better. This was also my original idea that kicked of my need for web stats. There are still some missing parts but it’s already functional.

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