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$1 or more per month 7 patrons
Thanks for your support! Your name will be listed as one of our sponsors in the back of each issue, and you will receive updates about our new issues every quarter. You may also receive snippets of forthcoming publications and photos of Thin Mint, editor S. Qiouyi Lu's adorable black cat.
$2.50 or more per month 6 patrons
In additional to the Nitrogena reward tier, you will receive an eBook every quarter in the format of your choice (PDF, ePub, or mobi), plus an MP3 download of the Arsenika podcast.
$5 or more per month 3 patrons
In addition to the Nitrogena and Phosphora reward tiers, you will gain access every quarter to a patrons-only poem or microfiction/flash fiction piece written by editor S. Qiouyi Lu. S.'s poetry has appeared in Uncanny and Liminality, and their short stories have appeared in Strange Horizons and Daily Science Fiction. S. might take requests, too!
$10 or more per month 1 patron
In addition to the Nitrogena, Phosphora, and Arsenika reward tiers, you will receive a quarterly postcard handwritten by editor S. Qiouyi Lu featuring whatever can fit on a postcard, such as haiku. Postcards go out starting the second quarter of membership at this tier.