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We've been through a lot.
We really have.
And we're still here. Amazing!

But it is difficult to value anything in this world that we were born into, as all appears fleeting, and meaningless.

This is by design.

You may think that honoring your thoughts, and feelings are a weakness, but really, it's REVOLUTIONARY.

The current system (and the powers that are for now) depend on us to downplay, or outright deny our personal worth- Not "our money's worth," but silencing our own POWERS OF REFLECTION in order to continue to accept these false ideas.

If we actually made time to delve into our actions....our daily lives- and beyond, to our dreams-

We would perhaps challenge many aspects of our lives.

We may even begin to question-
And discover answers-
Insights into ourselves, previously overshadowed by neglect.
it's OK.
You'll forgive yourself, and hopefully in time find our ecactly your motivatipns, and goals- if you haven't already.

It is not only OK to review what's going on with us, but it is a necessary component to HAPPINESS, and WELL BEING-
A first step in creating a better world.
This is the GOOD type of SELFISHNESS.

We glean understanding-
And we may discover that we mostly share wants, general dreams, and most importantly-

We may realize that we are depending on each other to be able to fulfill these common needs-

There is a wotld inside just waiting to be explored-

But mostly, we just shrug it all off, and carry on.

After all, what can I really do about this all, anyway?

I'm. just. one. person.




Conditioned to minimize our selves, and our wants,and needs-
many go far in other direction-
We allnhave our own ways to cope.

Isolation is by design.

They didn't call them APART-ments for nothing! 

We share the street!

We meet on common ground-
And by honoring our thoughts, and each others' ability to share, and process information-

To THINK, we value ourselves, as simply, and purely just BEING.



The system values us very much, as well, but not in all if the most important ways that matter.

The world has imposed this false paradigm, as a "working" organizational system that works all, but serves only the few, the powers that are- for now.

This system views us only as OBJECTS, OF INSTRUMENTAL VALUE-

Black boxes.

Agents without subjective substance, we move within this overarching structure, incomplete, and limited-

ACKNOWLEDGED as partial people, not for our own gain, but as tools to transfer profits to the powers that are- for now-

WE EXPERIENCE our lives FULLY, but:

In order for us to keep "buying" into the mentality that the system that harms too much continuously offers us, seeimgly without option to refuse, for if we want to keep living, through coersion.

We can, however, create options for outselves- to extend our lives, and organize resources in healthier, more equitable, and sustainable ways-

 Beyond what is now.

In order to do this, we need to identify the two main ideas thay folks must accept about ourselves, and the world, and move past them.

First idea, foundational to the great false imposition:.
That we are simply resources to be exploited.

The second notion we must reject: That we are but empty vessels, recognized, and valued only as instruments used to enforce this false framework.

Believing this lie is what maintains it.

A few of us CAN, and DO live fulfilling lives, but we're still not living alternatively, as there has not yet been enough of a change.

Plants, and animals, minerals, people- all are still considered to be commodities-
Himan, and natural resources, to be manioulated, and exploited, the core modus operandi the motive at the very core of the world's harmful inequality=


We all still live under this objectify, and exploit umbrella.
Some cteate value, but equal goods deserve equal prices.
If this bores you, then feel free to leave the room to go play a video game in the spare room, and let others do this job. We promise to share with you when we reap the rewards.

Simply to work towards something better for all is fulfilling in itself-


Most are trapped in a rigid class inequality that cannot be broken past independently, and worse-
Many of us are slaves.

This is the real world.
There are real issues.
Real living lives.
Real climate emergencies, and severe weather threats.

it is time to delve within, and trust ourselves to put aside pride, and unite.

It is time.

We were not to blame- At least not at first, as we were born into this world, ensconced within this web.

The average person still has very little control over their selection in daily life- The choices from which to chose.

However, this is an opportunity to unify, and together, create real choice for ourselves.
Many people want to do sonething, but don't knowcwhere to begin.

Many folks argue over terminology- let's GET SOMETHING DONE.




Starting a corporate cooperative collective urban underground greenhouse in your neighbourhood- or one for you, and your crew far enough away from threat of sea level rise- as still counts as local food production- is just the beginning of climate resilient, sustainable options...


Power is resources-
We need things to build-
Let's get together, and manipulate to do some good!

We were born into this system, and have had no choice but to partake in this.

We can move beyond.

We can find the courage to look beyond the lies, shame, and powerlessness that we collectively experience, being as we're forced to participate in this lie for our current survival.

Don't get me wrong- I appreciate my medicines, and heat in the winter, and clean water to drink- but we can do this much, much better-
Meaning, we can do this all- and more!- in much less harmful ways.

It's not like we can just burn it all down.

Though some try-

It is not enough.



I'm Canadian.
I like heat in the winter, and clean water to drink every day.

Not every Canadian has these things, and anger is very justified- Violence, not so much...

We need more than destruction-

We need CHANGE.

The value of the wheel is the space through which it moves.

Things can change.
Things WILL change.

As an Artist, my art carries within it this message, and it is my responsibility to remind us of the value of SELF-

Remind us ALL of our intrinsic worth.

We can rise above, move beyond, and transcend the false imposed mentality when each of us calls upon the courage within ourselves.

We can make the effort to honor, and trust our most inner thoughts.

We can ask ourselves:

Is this what I want?

What do I want?

Is this the way?

When we begin to listen to ourselves, we can engage in honest dialogue with others, and strengthen our communities.

By sharing ideas, skills, and goals, we can decide to be unified by our fundamental drive within each of us-

We will not live as the empty, instrumental commodities that we never were.

We are human beings, with the fundamental human right to pursue our dreams, and goals-

Self actualization is a Human Right.

Let us create a world where all may embody lives of freedom, autonomy, and fulfillment.

By embracing fully all of our ways of BEING, we can offer new ways of DOING.

By demanding, and creating other ways of doing, we can let the Earth heal herself, and ensure sustainable, climate resilient system to replace this one that does not serve us well.

We can live a life of meaning-

We can do all we can to make life more comfortable for all.

Our needs are common, and they are simple.

Our needs unify us.

Our needs are The Human Condition.
We must provide.
We must coordinate.
We must transfer resources.
We must replace.
We must add on.
We must build.

I am not sure if the powers that are for now will ever accept this, but it doesn't change the fact that the powers that are now are a threat to themselves, too- and not just to everything else. 

Money will not protect you.

We need new systems.

While I gain strength through my art, and it is my hope that my message of innate self worth be embraced by all,
individual value preceeds, and extends far beyond any product anyone can personally create.

Some issues can never be overcome. I accept this, and my issues haven't just "shaped who I am," or are now "a part of me"- They ARE WHO I AM.

My limitations are my identity, and though I have artistic ability, as many of us have some sort of ability-

We cannot let our instrumental roles define our worth-
We ARE more than what we DO-
Our intrinsic value.

I may one day lose this artistic ability.
We all may lose.

We are all VULNERABLE.

We remain VALUABLE. 

Let us respect the many who are living in slavery, and torment, here, and abroad.

Let us create a more secure world where each of us will have our needs met, no matter our instrumental contributions/our abilities/skills.

If you don't think it's possible-

Ask yourself- Am I just repeating something I heard, but haven't really thought about what it means?

Do I really think that this not possible?

If this begins with personal responsibility, reflection, and action of each individual, then looking at my own self, and no one else-
Am I not going to engage w/this?


It is OK if I don't want to, BUT is it OK if I am personally going to do something to prevent this from happening?!...

Will this give me what I really want?

What do I want?

Maybe you could join online group eventually to chat w/others...either way, you'd be engaging, getting to know yourself, if you want to...

I don't know-

No one has all answers-

Hopefully enough of us will be able to get it together, as it is my hope that many can start to build on greatness that already is:

It is my wish to build on this.

No one can do it alone.

I am finally sharing my art with the world after all of these years, and I have a few ideas:

In light of climate change, I want:

Close enough to reduce transportation costs, let land heal itself, reclaim, ecology/ intentional reclamation projects/ heavy metal cleanup/ targeted planting- nutrient repaced, let wetlands fill in, natural filters, help heal oceans, etc.
Severe weather resilient, 
vegetables, fruit, pulses, grains, hemp, insects, bees/honey, beeswax, etc.
Local production-
Increase composting
Green energy systems
Carbon Cycle
Water Cycle
More efficient all the time! 
Each member of community memver of greenhouse, transient fluid memberships ...etc. etc.
Boards several of them-
community members, gov (local, prov. fed, etc) relevant energy company, university, private companies...=Etc.

CCC=Corporate Cooperative Collective

Egalitarian, transparent..  profits return to greenhouses, to build up, innovate....grow.

Greenhouses far enough inland to ensure safety from threat of sea level rise...

A few ideas I have, urban year round underground greenhouses biggest goal:
As I also continue to create, I am truly stoked to be alive, and humbled to share my life's work with you.

Let's get this done!

Thank you

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