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About Nathan J. Baskin

Hey there! I'm Nathan. I love to create and share artwork with an inspirational or thought-provoking message relating to personal and/or spiritual growth in a chaotic world. It's often difficult to fully capture our stories through words, and I believe that artistic expression is a powerful way to speak with our inner voice. For me personally, art has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life when I felt most invisible and out of place in this world. I have been finding my own voice for a while now by sharing my insights and other random musings with accompanying artwork on my Instagram page (@art_by_njb). I'm not afraid to experiment with my work and how I share my message as I am always growing and evolving as an artist and a person. Ultimately, I would like to use my artwork to build a diverse community of people who value creative expression during the growth and self discovery process, where we can share our experiences with each other and help each other out along our journeys. I would love to be able to use my artistic skills and my platform to highlight the stories of others who, like myself, may have felt invisible in this world for a substantial chunk of their lives.

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If you do not feel ready to donate but want to follow along with the journey, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram, where I share my work publicly. If you've read up to this point, I sincerely thank you for taking the time to do so - I know there's a lot of information competing for your attention nowadays, and I am super grateful whenever someone takes the chance to hear what I have to say.
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