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Twooooo dollars. Not only are you pitching in on my dreams, if you get that reference, you are officially cool. Newspaper kids get:

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You're pretty cool. But you already know that, because everybody wants to be a cat. Members of the Cool Cats tier get everything the  Newspaper kids do, and:

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You are an absolute treasure. You get all the stuff from previous tiers, plus:

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About Art by Stephanie Rose

Hi everyone! You like my drawings, I like not starving to death, so... give me money?

In all seriousness, I plan to keep creating for a long time, and I need your help! I'll have lots of classy charcoal drawings of awesome people from pop culture, and I'll keep doing more low-key (but still awesome) commissions, as well.

The benefit of joining me on Patreon means you get stuff other people don't:
  • Advance warning on sales
  • Extra entries in my general admissions raffles
  • Additional, exclusive raffles just for patrons
  • Vote on which pop figure I should draw next
  • Exclusive content, such as: sneak previews of what I'm working on, random sketches, doodles, and comics (warning! You have to get my weird sense of humor)
  • And other stuff, too!
I love you all, thank you for helping me keep following my passion, and creating awesome stuff for you!

Here's my online store, stay tuned for special sales and promos!
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I'll send out a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody. Heck, might even make a drawing or video to commemorate. In any case, I'll give a shoutout on social media to everyone who helped me get this far
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