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About Ekaterina Abramova

As you well know, being a full-time artist, a mother of three, and a breast cancer survivor — is quite a challenge. But life has many chapters, and every new chapter opens new vistas. I am convinced that together we will open up and paint many of those new chapters no one ever dreamed of. With you support I will paint our dream. For all dreams must be painted.
I am an artist-painter of Russian origins, who also lived in India for many years, and now is based in the New York Metro area, USA, which put me in close contact both with the Western and with the Oriental cultural strata. I received a U.S. Permanent Residence Card (a.k.a. Green Card) as an extraordinary artist. I've had numerous exhibitions of my art all over the world, including such countries as Germany, UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, China, India, and USA.
My works are in the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Permanent Collection, New York, NY, as well as in private collections in more than 15 countries.
With my solid art background as a cum laude MFA graduate from I.E. Repin Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia, and my 15-year experience as a professional painter and your trust in my talent, I will create masterpieces that will stun the world.
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Achieving my goal of $ 3000 a month will bring a tremendous impact on your personal daily life and our society. Those who understand their past understand their present and are clear about the future. It will allow me to fully concentrate on my research — such as digging into the roots of world great philosophies and cultures including Native American, Indian, Ancient Russian to name a few; deeper studies of symbols and their impact on our subconscious — and its implementation in my continuous innovation. I will be able to maintain the rent of my Temple of Art — my studio at the MANA Contemporary in Jersey City; produce art works, which speak to you of love, life, and this eternal being — Mankind and all the worries and joys. I will be able to acquire quality art materials in order to continue my numerous projects and use new media to better communicate my ideas.
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