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About Animals - ReCreated

Hello! I'm Nicole, I design animals. My work focus is do creating truly convincing impressions of life. I spend a huge amount of time designing each design.

I was always intrigued by animals - I remember my Mum having to repeatedly hide the animals because I love them so much. As example when a bird opening and closing the wings, I marvelling at their beauty and precision. We also raised a tiny pink baby sparrow, which had fallen from it's nest, into a fully fledged adult. Watching the pin feathers slowly un-peel into a perfect flying machine was incredible.

I work by sketching ideas on paper before doing more precise drawings on my computer, then after designing it on the computer, I colour it and give it some more details. I am also just starting to explore 3D digital design and 3D printing!

For now I dont have any pictures posted public! Give me some time! :)

Thank you so much!


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