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Four artists. Four talks. One evening not to miss.

artBLAB is a series of events in London, UK - evenings of laid-back lectures about art and its whereabouts given by four artists from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, all of it in a homely and welcoming atmosphere. So far we have organised 13 of these. Click HERE to get the full line-up and all the detail about the future events. Thank you!

On Patreon we'll be publishing podcasts from lectures - they'll contain experimental poetry performances, personal stories from artists' lives, their inspirations, creative processes behind their art, you name it!

Hello the Mushroom, 'How I found my voice', street art, November 2018

What we do:
On the artBLAB events, artists representing various disciplines come together to celebrate creativity. We give them a platform to talk about art they have true passion for. We present both young and well-established artists. We love connecting people - our event connects artists and art aficionados that wouldn't otherwise meet.

Malgorzata Dawidek, 'The body as text', performance, February 2020

artBLAB believes in art equality, it doesn't discriminate against any type of art - we love experimental poetry as much as we adore interaction design! We also give no special treatment to any speaker - we believe in the talent, and not in the position on the art scene or within academia. Lastly, we believe great things happen at intersections, that's why we encourage speakers to co-operate on future art projects and we mix various audiences.
Michał Kamil Piotrowski, 'Google Translate: colossus with legs of clay', experimental poetry, September 2018

Why we need patrons:
artBLAB is managed by only two people working a full-time day job. Currently, we cannot afford to spend as much time working on artBLAB as we'd love to, and it's a lot of work! However, we truly believe in our unique approach to art events, we have received very encouraging reviews so far, and we want artBLAB to skyrocket! Ideally, we'd like it to become our only job - we want to create the entire artBLAB ecosystem with socials, workshops, art retreats, exhibitions and publications!

We also need funds for meetup account monthly fees, web hosting, etc. - now we finance artBLAB from our private funds.

Who we are:
artBLAB is organised by two human beings passionate about art, Michał Kamil Piotrowski and Marta Grabowska.
Michał is a tech and visual poet, our CEO and a driving force behind everything we stand for. You can chat with him @somecoolwords.
Marta is an independent #curatoress and art historian, believer in the power of slow art. See what she is up to @martuga.grabowska.

Who our speakers are:
We've had (and will have) amazing speakers. Words can't describe their awesomeness, so check them out!

Christopher Andreou
David Ashford
Tim Atkins
William Bishop-Stephens
Vilde Valerie Bjerke Torset
Millie Boardman
Ben Bradish-Ellames
Serena Braida
Luisa Charles
Iris Colomb
Adelaide Damoah
Małgorzata Dawidek
Mikołaj Dymowski
Stephen Emmerson
Marta Grabowska
Hello the Mushroom
Cady Herring
Paul Ingram
Benjamin Irritant
Miryana Ivanova
Sylwia Krason
Anaïs Lalange
Fran Lock
Estelle Lovatt
Matt Martin
Alice McCabe
Andor Merks
Stephen Mooney
Nik Nightingale
Marco Oggian
Ryan O'Riordan
Carlos Orti Roig
Astra Papachristodoulou
Flo Perlin
Michal Kamil Piotrowski
Suzanne Posthumus
Jasmine Pradissitto
Guillaume Quérard
Zula Rabikowska
Taxi Rank
Tobias Revell
Kate Shevchenko
Ricardo Silvestre
Joshua Spiller
Verity Spott
Naina Thada Magar
J Whitehead
Steve Willey
Sing Yun Lee

Small print:
We offer discounts on artBLAB merchandise but the online shop is yet set to start running. Please contact us on [email protected] to inquire about our gadgets and prices.
We send tier gifts after the second month's payment has been processed.

$22.72 of $1,200 per month
Currently, 100% of the work is done by us two alone in the few hours per week that we don't spend in our full-time jobs. The event only exists thanks to the generosity of the artists who agree to give a talk for free.

According to our calculations, this pledge would allow us to pay the speakers for their hard work, and also give us a stable source of income so we can go part-time and finally spend a LOT of time on the artBLAB project! :)

Working 20 hours/week on artBLAB will allow us to create the entire ecosystem of events: socials, workshops and exhibitions. Exciting! :)
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