is creating Video Game Gals and digital art of girls cosplaying characters
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About artboymoy

Welcome to my Patreon page!  My name is Jeffrey Moy and you may know me from my time on Legionnaires for DC Comics, or perhaps you came across my work at a convention, through commissions you have gotten, or ones you have seen on the internet.  I hope you will support me in creating artwork of some of your and my favorite characters, cosplayed by characters I create!  It's so meta!  Your support would go a long way in my ability to create more art and in doing so, making me more efficient and productive, which is good for you because that means, more art for you!

This page is dedicated to getting my VIDEO GAME GALS first graphic novel done and my N4 (N to the 4th power) theme, as Cosplay Gal Gigi demonstrates:

While I will also be doing sketches and various studies that I will post to board Patrons will also have the opportunity to receive them as high rez rewards.

In the future, with enough support of many patrons, I hope to have polls and even streaming video of the tiers when I'm working on it.

Rewards will be sent at the end of the month after payments have been confirmed.  These will be in the form of large JPGs, work files, sketches, and NUDE and NASTY archive packs containing past commissions and drawings I have done.  Some of my NICE and NAUGHTY work can be found in my sketchbooks available for purchase at:

BONUS PATRON PERK!  If you see me at a convention that I'm attending, just let me know who you are and you will receive a free print or one of my Sketchgames or You Asked For It! sketchbooks!  Here is where you can find me:  Convention Schedule is on the right.

So please check out the backer rewards and free posts to see what I have to offer and become a supporting patron!  Thank you!

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