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Eligible for Mini Illustration give away. One mini (5x5 or smaller) art piece will be given away to a randomly selected patron.




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About Art by Jenisse

Who am I?
I am an illustrator and concept artist currently living in Salt Lake City, UT. I have been doing freelance illustration work for a couple of years now. I love coffee and pumpkins! I have a healthy obsession with Halloween and mythology.

What is this Patreon for? And how can we help each other?
Over the last couple of years, I have made it a point to become the best artist I can be and along the way I’ve been asked for advice on many different things from backgrounds to brush tricks. And since graduating college the job market has been rough, and student loans man… This is how we can help each other.
When you become my patreon you will get access to tutorials on how I do things in my designs process, such as color choices, character/background designs, videos on how I do what I do, things like that. You will also get to see previews of things I’m working on and get fun little bonus things.
You get to choose the amount that you donate per month, even set a limit, and can change it at any time. You can also cancel if you need to. There will even be several sketches for free!

Things you can get:
My undying love and a virtual cup of coffee.
Special discount in my etsy shop and anytime you order a commission. :D
Sketch raffle! The winner of the raffle will decide what character I will sketch up for them. Keep the request to PG-13. I will draw OC’s, fanart, or a tiny character of you.
Tips and Tricks. Every other Saturday you get the Tips and Tricks tutorials. These are one page tutorials that will show you some nifty things you can do with your art. Example: brush tips, coloring FX’s, color language, PS shortcuts, creating a brush, and things like that.
Monthly Wallpaper. Each month will be a different wallpaper. Sometimes you get to vote for what it will be, while other times I’ll surprise you.
Character and Background Design tips. Pretty self-explanatory I think. Also will be talking about props because props are a lot of fun.
Illustration raffle. Only Available to those who give $50 a month. . I will raffle off one completed illustration to a randomly selected patron. Full access to complete illustration step-by-step tutorials..

Cool! Can I follow you at other places?
You bet! You can find me on TumblrTwitterFacebook, and Instagram. Oh and I'm on etsy too.
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Second wallpaper will be available; everyone gets the full process of how the wallpaper is made.
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