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vote of confidence!

$1 /mo
basically, you're in! you give me your vote of confidence - and a dollar (or two or three) - and i give you access to my patreon feed. 

you'll get all my patreon-only posts, which mi...


sticker freak!

$5 /mo
at this level, you will receive all of the "vote of confidence" level rewards as well as periodic packages of stickers! 

sometimes i get on a roll and make a new sticker every month,...


shopper's delight!

$10 /mo
this reward tier includes all the "vote of confidence" and "sticker freak" rewards plus a 15% discount code for my etsy shop, good year round. great for those of you who find yourselves buying a lo...

mystery rewards!

$25 /mo
previously labeled the "t-shirt freak" level, this tier will now offer periodic packages of shirts, prints, stickers or other stuff I make throughout the year. i’ll try to do it 2-4 times a year bu...