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Amidst infinite acres of corn and soy sits an oasis of trees, prairie grass, sculptures, and an eclectic assortment of old farm buildings completely repurposed into living and studio spaces by artists who at some point, called this place home.

Art Farm is an artists' and writers' residency in rural Nebraska. For twenty-seven years, it has provided space, time and unforgettable experiences for every resident and visitor.

A Place of Refuge.
Art Farm stands as a beacon of creativity for miles around; a space for creative souls from every corner of the earth to live and dream outside of systems that compromise living and/or dreaming; a respite for animals of all sizes from pesticides, corn, and flat tree-less fields; a place where art lives, dies, is buried, forgotten, then rediscovered again.

Syncing with Nature.
Comfort and convenience in urban lifestyles create massive distances between people and nature. Art Farm reminds us of our relationship with the environment, exposing its vulnerabilities in the ways we interact with it and our reliance on its stability. If we describe nature as marginal, overlooked, or ignored, then we do so at our peril if we fail to strengthen our resolve to changing the conditions of our environment.

Lessons in Autonomy.
As notions of stability steadily decline (in economy, infrastructure, politics, society), we learn to be resourceful and resilient. We salvage what we can: we repair what we can, and we build with our own hands, creating as little waste as possible.

A Safe Place to Fail.
Above all, at the core of Art Farm's mission is the embrace of failure as part of the process of creative experimentation, learning, and discovery. This is a luxury that institutions rarely offer and from which foundation funders prefer to withdraw their engagement.

Since its beginning, Art Farm has relied on small individual donations to maintain its infrastructure of studios, shops, living spaces, and grounds. Even volunteer organizations need donations to achieve future long-term projects such as expanding a letterpress printing studio and resurrecting the legendary Floating Barn in the form of The Marionette Project.

Art Farm is generally overlooked by intuitional funders because it sounds...improbable: the structure of its financial system a bit wormy. And yet, summer after summer, Art Farm has defies conventions, proving poetry is more powerful than the desire for increasing financial assets and dreams can outlast Murphy's Law as if it were written by raccoons.

Just like Art Farm's 'vision' for the residency, studios and facilities, 999,999 patrons is seemingly impossible to achieve, but with a bit of time and patience, we can reach that number one step at a time--one person at a time. Why not?

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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