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Lets get this bread
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This will allow me to get that bread so my arms will stay strong to keep drawing and not give up and in return you will get:

~a thank you drawing~

~an inside look on what I'm working on~ 

~access to my discord~ 




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I really really enjoy making graphic designs for clothing. It always makes me happy to see someone who likes what I've created, it makes me feel useful and I'd love to share it with more people.
My dream is to create my own clothing brand in the future. It's a long way though and I'm still just a poor depressed student like any other, but I have to start somewhere. So I told myself that I'll give patreon a try,
If you got this far and read all this then thank you for your attention. I don't expect many or even any donations, but I appreciate you for even visiting this profile.

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