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Hi folks, this is a subscriber-based page that allows you to support my music and get personal access to me and my creative work.

If you pledge to support my work, every time I write a song, I'll release the demo version to you. You decide how much to pledge me ($1 per song or more - never more than one per month).

Then, you'll get exclusive access to my process as I record better parts, finalize the songs, change arrangements, mix, and master. You will never be charged twice for the same song. This is a great way to see how a musician gets a song from its early stages to a final product.

Patrons who pledge more than $1 get additional perks - original artwork, handwritten letters, and more.

Once I get enough songs released for a full album, your pledges will help me finance final versions of every song, and a mix/master. You will get the album for free.

If you don't know whether you have the money to support me as a musician, I really do understand. However, consider for a moment how little $1 is in the grand scheme of your budget - you may spend that much once a month on a vending machine. Instead, this is also an opportunity to financially support an artist in an era when many artists simply don't have the time or resources to create anything.

Also, you can cancel your pledge at anytime if you are unsatisfied with the content that is produced.
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per Song
At this level, you'll receive:

-Recordings of each new song as it is written, and exclusive updates as I take each song from rough demo to final mix.
-Access to my exclusive Patreon feed, which includes my figure drawing, news, and photos.
per Song
At this level, you'll receive all the lower level rewards plus a hand-written thank you in the mail.
Angel Investors
per Song
At this level, you'll receive all the lower level rewards PLUS every time you're charged for a song, you'll be entered into a random drawing to receive an original piece of artwork created by Arthur Hatton (limit 1 per year).
per Song
These lucky patrons will receive everything in the lower levels PLUS either a custom song or painting (8x10 or smaller), created for you, based on your personal recommendations.
$36 of $100 per Song
At $100 per song, I will be able to record a full album.
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