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Assalamu Alaykum!

May the peace of God -The Most High- be with you. First off, I need to say thank you. Thank you for coming to this page and possibly deciding that what I am doing is worth your time, and money.

Who am I?

A man on a mission to write books with a moral compass. That's the short version. I've dedicated myself to growing in my faith and spirituality. I firmly believe that a relationship with the Creator isn’t a relationship to miss out on, and I want the world to know it.

I've taught about my faith and spirituality through many venues, such as interfaith lectures, and the like. However, my greatest outreach is via social media and my writings. On my blog I share personal experiences that affect my spirituality and growth and via Facebook I share some intimate reflections on my life.

Why am I on Patreon?
I'm here because I have something to offer. The book that I am currently writing I believe has the ability to open hearts to Islam, and to strengthen hearts on the path they are already on. It's a book on my journey to faith and Patreon gives me the platform to privately share large portions of my book as well as people such as yourself, to support me. Did I mention this book is one of many that I plan on writing? I grew up reading C.S. Lewis and he’s always been an inspiration of mine, I aim to continue in his footsteps by giving people of faith (and others) stories, essays and overall beautiful reflections that they are able to identify with and hopefully increase them in adoration and passion for the way of life they have chosen. So join my Round Table.

What will you get access to?

You will have access to;

  • The Round Table - I love King Arthur, my parents named me after him. Part of his legacy was the bond that he formed with others. I want to form that with you. At this tier, I'll be adding you to the Instagram Close Friends feature and sharing some of the insights of my day with you. ($6 / month)
  • Story Time - You love my writing? Well on Patreon I will release an entire chapter of my book here every week. Not only will you read it (hopefully) but I'll be taking your advice on how I can make this book better! You get it in PDF form too :) ($10 / month)
  • Keep in Touch - We should be friends, that's why you'll get access to a Private WhatsApp group with other Believing Patrons and I. ($19 / Month)
  • You love me - Few people will choose this, but the ones that do are on a different level, because for you guys, it's all love and support. ($50 / month)
  • My Novel - You're a large part of why I'm going to be able to finish this book, and I'm not only acknowleding that now, I'm going to acknowledge it in the final published print of my book. Yes, I'll be mentioning you by name. Thank you. ($100/month)

Patreon helps to support;

  • Web Hosting of my Blog - As you know, hosting a blog has a regular cost. Contributions will cover that.
  • My Family - Hey, they got to eat, right?
  • My Studies - This is the most important. It is what allows me to create new content. My inspiration is the Divine. The closer I get to Him, the greater content I bring to you.
God bless you,

Arthur K. Richards

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You mean a lot to me and so I want to keep you close. Here's the deal. Instagram has this neat feature that allows me to share my story with specific people. 

There are so many parts of my day that I don't share with folks. Amazing moments during a class, Eureka moments during study, an amazing quote in a book, or sometimes a random reflection I don't want to share with the world.... but I'll be sharing it with you.

Not to mention, I share loads of heartaches, disappointments, and difficulties that I go through doing my writing process and even Islamic studies, I share them all here on Patreon!

With this tier you'll get,

  • Personal Messages on Instagram that are just for you.
  • Reflections on the difficulty of my study

(Of course you get all the previous tier rewards as well.)

Story Time!
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You probably enjoy my writing, that's awesome. Now you'll get access to everything I write. My reflections, the chapters from my book, you name it, all of it is now yours.

Oh, did I mention you'll get a downloadable version too?

With this tier you'll get,

  • A PDF file of each chapter of my upcoming book.
  • All short stories and reflections in PDF format.

(And all of the previous tier rewards)

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Look, I get it. I'm a writer and you like my stuff and it would be pretty darn cool if you could stay in contact all the time. Maybe even meet some of the other believers that read my content.

Well, how about we do just that?! At this tier you'll be added to a private whatsapp group just for Patrons at this tier or higher!

With this tier you'll get,

  • Invite to a private Whatsapp group

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You're probably at this tier solely because you love me, and I appreciate that.

With this tier you'll get,

  • My love and loads of prayers from me.

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You are the reason!
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I plan on finishing this book's draft by early 2019. For your support you'll find your name in my first book when I acknowledge all those that helped make it possible. Thank you!

This tier is only going to be limited to a few of you (as I can't have 30 names all jumbled up in there). 

With this tier you'll get,

  • Your name will be written in my book's preface!

(And all of the previous tier rewards)

89 of 100 patrons
Part of being a writer means we work multiple jobs. J.K. Rowling would spend her days working and her nights writing. If you help me hit this goal I'll be able to spend more time finishing this book.

With your contributions I can drop all the freelance work and focus on your content.

I'm thinking of even doing a weekly livestream during my writing.

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