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At this tier, when I start doing live streams you'll get private access to see the comic as it comes along. You'll also get access to a private Discord server to hang out in and chat!

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Do YOU want to brave the depths of the Underdark? Well, don't worry about it- we'll just have a character do so in your place! It's totally safe, don't even worry about it!




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About ArtieStroke

I love art- and it's been my dream for as long as I can remember to do what I love for a living. Funding me helps me to continue to make constant content, without having to worry about some 9 to 5 deal to pay the bills. This is my calling, and if you can help me out with this I'll be extremely grateful.

It's Not Easy Being a Mindflayer started as just a funny little idea- and after I did some writing for it, I figured it might be good enough to cut my teeth on for doing webcomics. So if you like comedy, if you like Dungeons and Dragons, and if you're not afraid of the Underdark, then join Kherigigex on her journey to discover what it means to be a good- or maybe just kind of okay- person.
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At $500 a month, I'd have less to worry about as far as paying my dues for living, leaving more time to draw and less time spent trying to hustle for rent- and that means live streams!
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