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• You'll get a personal thank you posted to the Artifats' Instagram stories.

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• Receive the quarterly Artifats Newsletter and keep up to date on what's happening in the FAT ART WORLD, as well as featured artists, IRL art events, and more. 

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About Artifats Collection

The Artifats Collection: Fat Art made by Fat Artists

Objective: The Artifats Patreon aims to create community exclusively built on Fat Artists and admirers of Fat Art. Artifats is dedicated to taking up space in the art world by only featuring the work of fat artists, prioritizing QTBIPOC, disabled, and superfat artists.  

Your patronage goes toward:

  • Creating a Membership of Fat Artists and Fat Art Lovers that helps to get Artifats off Instagram! Relying on Instagram is currently a major issue. How can we feature fat bodies in art when those bodies are being deleted, erased, and banned? How can we create a safe space for fat bodies and fat artists? I don’t quite know what the future holds, but it sure doesn’t involve platforms where art is censored. I want to build a gallery on the Artifats website of these amazing artists that are often shadowbanned on social media. I want to build a safer space for these bodies and their art. I want to build an Artifats community independent of the censors, algorithms, and trolls. 
  • Operate Artifats & Manage Submissions: For two years, I have been reaching out directly to artists around the world to introduce them to Artifats and to ask to feature their work. I enjoy spending hours looking at the work of fat creators and researching artists. I would like to spend more time doing it! Your patronage goes toward the amount of time I can dedicate to this pursuit. As I learn of new artists and explore work from all over the world, you'll get first access to everything I find!
  • Develop Artifats website to include an Online Directory of fat artists, searchable by medium and location. Academic research in fat studies has grown tremendously, but online research for fat artists is practically nonexistent. Artifats seeks to be a resource for academic research in fat studies.
  • Write "In*Digest" critical essays on fat bodies in art, such as “Can Non-Fat Artists Use Fat Bodies in their Art?” (tl;dr: NO) and I hope to explore topics related to famous artists (Botero, Saville, etc) that use flesh as their medium.
  • Fight the Good Fight: In my internet travels, I come across a LOT of artists that use the fat body in their work. When I get into a mood, I will often contact these artists to interview them on their views on fat people. I have the receipts on quite a few fun interactions that I would love to share with you all. I would also love to spend more time calling out/calling in artists on their practices.
  • Help Fat Artists! Select the Patron of the Fat Arts tier to sponsor a new artist each month to receive a One-Hour Review on their Online Presence, Marketing, and Workshopping their Artist Statement.
  • The ultimate goal: FAT ARTISTS IN PRINT! I want to honor fat artists. In a big, beautiful, colorful book. One fit for the finest coffee tables in homes all over the world. 

I'm asking artists and art lovers to question the fatness they see in art. The fat body cannot just be a fascination of a thin-centered art world. We’re much bigger than that.

Each month, 10% of Patreon profits will be going toward organizations that support queer, transgender, black, and indigenous people of color. I am always looking for organizations, especially ones centered in the art world, and will gladly take recommendations for review. Receipts will be shared!

$90 of $1,000 per month
Pudgy pedestals! When I reach $1000 per month, I will dedicate time each month to interview a fat artist for inclusion in the future Artifats book. These interviews will be shared first to Patreon sponsors!
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