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About Natalie Madison of Art Is In Cakes

If we haven't met yet, I'm Natalie Madison, And my mission? To share my love of culinary art with you and to foster that bake-preneurial spirit, the industry's community camaraderie, and I'm going to do that - RIGHT HERE ON PATREON! Woot!

A lot has changed this year.  For one, my hair!  Who else has had a dramatic hair transformation? It finally made it past my ears, and once it got past the 80's mullet stage, I was able to grow it long again!  I didn't think THAT would happen again in my lifetime! 

We had a lot of things in the works this year, but as you know, well, things happened. 

I'm the Owner and Pastry Arts Instructor of Art Is In Cakes Bakery Supply & Classroom. I'm also the Owner of Chef Equation™ (a baking biz calculator designed to wipe out that question "How much should I charge?"), and I offer bakery ownership classes under the label Baking Up Profits™

We've been offering short virtual classes and tutorials for years, but we want to ENTERTAIN you with even better content.  There's a lot of back office needs, platforms to pay for, marketing to happen, equipment to maintain, integrations to keep things talking to other things, a whole bunch of techy techy things, and most important: Amazing Team Members and Staff, who've got my back AND UNDERSTAND those TECHY TECHY things, but they don't live on Red Bull.  I've tried to give them wings, but they need paychecks to keep things going. With your help I have a much better chance of achieving my goals this year, keeping the classes and tutorials rolling, and keeping my staff employed and happy.  Here's how your support helps us:

  • At $500 a month from my patrons combined, I can cover the costs of my Virtual Class Platforms and Live Streaming.
  • At $1500 a month, I can also cover the costs of having my amazing video editor put a bit of polish on each of those courses, making them easier to digest, more professional, and just a bit more classy - not to mention more entertaining (because, well, he's talented!).
  • At $2500 a month, I can begin paying off my business loans and EIDL Covid loans. (This one hurts - and is set on a 30 year note - Lifelong Patrons Unite!).
  • At $3500 a month, I can do the above things and have the app development paid off in 40 months making room for new and exciting bonus features - all of the things that I couldn't squeeze into the first round of development, taking insight from things YOU have requested to be added to the app!
  • At $4500 a month, I can do all of those things and give my staff, and maybe even myself, a pay raise!

$123.44 of $500 per month
At $500/month I can cover the costs of my Virtual Class Platform and Livestreaming Events...meaning I can keep bringing content to you on the regular! Woot!  And you can bet my first new piece will be an Amazing Thank You Video for YOU!
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