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Heyy, you're officially one of the loverly peeps that helps me survive. Many thanks ^-^
-Access to a discord for funsies and stuff.
-3 Randos in this tier get lineart of a bust, or a fullbody sketch.
per month
Omg... you really wanna help out huh? You have my SEVERE Floridian gratitude. o///o .
This tier ties heavily to the ask-blog, as far as story and world elements that haven't been explored yet. so...maybe spoilers?
- Access to this and lower-tier discords.
- 2 Randos get a flat bust, or a fullbody lineart.
-Access to some of the resources I've created to help run the blog.
per month
With your contribution alone I can eat for 4 days. Which is all I usually plan to live XDD jkjk. This tier ties to all the blogs and works I manage, less than reputable or otherwise.
Rewards: 1 secret thing.
-Access to this and all-lower tier discords.
-Access to more resources created for the blog.
-1 Rando will get a flat fullbody, or a shaded bust.




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About BrushWork

Hiya there potential patron, Just a guy who does art aimed at background stuff  for money. Toward miscellaneous goals, like finding time to run an ask-blog on tumblr and buy food and survive school.
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Some inebriated fool backed into my car and destroyed my left rear tail-lights, only the brake-light remains. This is the cost of the blinker.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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