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  • Work in progress photos and inspirational posts
  • Input on upcoming art & projects
  • Sneak previews of new projects
  • Digital Wallpaper featuring all the month's creatures
  • New coloring page every 8-10 days
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A bit more dragon!
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  • A new How-To-PDF for drawing and/or painting every month (and you can request what future tutorials should cover)
  • Early access videos of me painting or drawing  (three to six months before the public).
  • New coloring page every 8-10 days
  • Plus all the rewards from the previous tier (wallpaper, your input etc).
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Dragon Watcher
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  • PDF previews of draft field guide pages.
  • First chance to purchase new creature paintings at a 20% discount. 
  • FREE PDF of each finished book once we get enough content.
  • New coloring page every 8-10 days
  • Plus all the rewards from the previous tiers (how to PDF, digital wallpaper, your input etc).
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About Jessica Feinberg

Hi! I'm Jessica Feinberg, an author and illustrator in Tucson, Arizona.
I love working with subscribers to bring new creatures to life using pencil, ink, paint, and words!

New content is added every few days including paintings, previews of projects, coloring pages, tutorials, videos and more! 


Thanks to YOU we are now creating five new creatures every month and a new coloring page every 8-10 days! PLUS videos, how-to pdfs, field guide entries, and digital wallpaper! 


Tell me more!

Every month I work with subscribers to create new creatures using art and writing. Patrons give input on what creatures we create and what sorts of projects I do in the future. $5+ subscribers get first chance to purchase new paintings at a discount as well as other special offers! 

I'm also filming drawing/painting videos and creating How-To PDF files, plus field guide PDFs previewing the next book. Plus I make all sorts of physical rewards for higher pledge levels from buttons and stickers to original paintings!

Patreons receiving LARGE original paintings are sent a message asking if they would like a specific creature near the beginning of the month before it is due so I have time to paint it (it is mailed after their next payment). If I do not receive a response I will paint a creature of my choice (I try to make it different than anything I have sent that person previously).

When we have enough content for a new book I run a small Kickstarter project to fund the physical printing of the book. $5+ Subscribers get a free PDF copy of the book too!  If a subscriber chooses to back for a physical copy of the book they also get some bonus rewards ONLY for subscribers as an extra thank you!

Up Next:

My first Patreon-Funded how to book: Summoning Creatures!

103 of 115 patrons
A new creature that has never existed before will be invented and Patreon subscribers will be able to get a discounted swag set featuring it!
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