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is creating dance projects, group choreographies, & sited live art.

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You support dance and performance experiments. Without rehearsals and experimentation, the dance projects would never be as multilayered, quixotic, and engaging. Thank you!
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You support dance and performance projects. Without consistent work-in-progress showings as the project develops, and without live witnesses experiencing the choreographic work the dancers and I have done, the pieces could not grow. Thank you! As a gift: I will send you a digital file of our most recent "context notes" (similar to a "viewing guide" at a museum.)
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You support the future of these dance and performance projects. THANK YOU. Your monthly contribution will mobilize our rehearsal process, our experiments, and our smaller scale showings of the work and bring them into the large scale spaces they have been made for. You'll receive:

...a physical copy of our "context notes"

...a video trailer for our upcoming performance featuring interviews with the dancers, rehearsal footage, and a producer credit.

...and, of course, an invitation to the performance your contributions helped to support <3




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|||   Welcome!

|||   Here you'll find a collation of materials: research, performative, choreographic and otherwise. As a choreographer and dance artist I create group situations that are phenomenal shared experiences. The dance projects last many hours, audience may come and go, talk with friends, commune, explore the space. I believe finding pockets of shared experiences, now more than ever, is important for all of us.

|||   To build these experiences takes time, and many rehearsals, and many actual contact hours in performance and showings to receive feedback from live audiences. I, like many live artists, hope to draw a wide audience and create an inclusive, enlivening atmosphere for all kinds of individuals.

|||   I am forever searching for alternative-to-the-theatre performance sites: those with unique histories, architectures, and open spaces. My performances have most recently filled an office complex, a public pool, and three blocks of Wall Street. I look forward to sharing this filmed material with you, and your support is *so* appreciated.


Dancers featured on this page include Sophie Bromberg, stormy budwig, Aye Eckerson, Ann-Marie Gover, Leanna Grennan, Kareem Alexander Hewitt, Ella Misko, Izzy K. Jackson, Esha Kallianpur, & Tara Sheena. They are the reason the work exists!

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