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About Artlover8999

I'm a 23 year old who has always enjoyed reading. As such, my dream for many years now has been for me to be an author. In an effort to expand my writing skills, I started reading erotic literature and finding erotic art. There's a surprising depth and breadth to the world of eroticism, from the mild and modest, to the strange and hyper-sexual, and it inspired me to begin writing in this literary world. These are my attempts at making some money off my writings, so if you enjoy my stories, support me here, and on whatever other websites I may land on!
One thing that I need to explain, is my Monthly Prompt Pool, and the Weekly Prompt Poll, so I will explain here!
Starting on the first of each month, my Patrons may send in story idea prompts based on their Tiers! I will choose which ones end up in the Pool, based on familiarity and what I am currently comfortable writing about! If you have questions about what fandoms I am familiar with, please message me, and I will respond as quickly as I can!
Each week, I will choose five (5) ideas, and put them and their basic synopsis in a poll for you all to vote on!
At the end of the month, the Prompt Pool will be cleared, and we will start over! Story ideas that continue/build on previous prompt stories that have already been completed will take precedence over other story ideas.
Warning! Content will be NSFW!
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So, after having lost my job, I'm looking for ways of paying for my insurance, and this will let me pay for a significant chunk of it each month while I look for a new job.
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