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Guaranteed new monthly content
  • Narrated base sketches
  • Narrated tutorials
  • Time-lapse videos




Welcome to my Patreon channel – new for 2020

*Please note: this page is still under construction (video loading) and will be completed very shortly*

Hi my name is Helena and I’m one half of the art partnership art ninetwo: art ninetwo website

I’ve been an artist for over 25 years and back in 2014 I founded an art group that I ran for nearly four years but I stepped away to concentrate on creating art for myself and to take on commissions.

However, as a qualified teacher I missed the teaching aspect of running the art group and seeing the immense pleasure my members felt when I helped them reach their artistic potential so I set up some drawing workshops to take place in early 2020 but alas I had to cancel these due to the unfolding global situation.

With this continued yearning to help people find their artistic potential I wrote a little booklet; Drawing Dogs and Cats Made Easy which I was thrilled to discover people were buying to assist them with the art element of home schooling during lockdown, however, I still had a desire to teach in some capacity so I decided to start developing videos; mini tutorials, art equipment suggestions and full-length real-time tutorials.

In these videos I will show you how my studio is set up, what helps me to work better, what equipment I use and more specifically what mediums I use and I how I use them, helping you to make informed decisions on what to purchase to make up your art toolkits.

In addition I will take you through how I draw my preliminary sketches before I embark on commission pieces. Unlike many tutorials out there I will teach you how to draw from scratch using judgement drawing and measuring techniques to ensure your piece is accurate before you begin laying down any base colours or mediums. I don’t edit out any mistakes I make, art is about making mistakes and learning from them, so I leave them in my videos so you too can see that it’s OK to get things wrong, as long as you recognise them and learn from them and hopefully you can learn from me and any errors I make.

My full length tutorials will take you from under painting right through to a final piece, fully narrated with notes where necessary and if the photo I use is one I have taken (i.e I own it) I will make it available to you, so you can have a go for yourself (some of my pieces use other people’s photo’s that I have asked permission to use, therefore the photo will not be available).

In addition, as a taster you will see time-lapse videos of the full-length tutorials to give you an idea of how a painting develops to completion and help you decide if you might want to subscribe to a higher level, and I also offer PDF versions of three of my publications on the different levels.

If I’m lucky enough to reach subscriber number goals, I will offer up the opportunity to ask me anything (AMA) and I’ll invite questions that I will sit down and record the answers to and then make the video available to all subscribers from Bronze upwards.

The focus of my channel is animal art, namely pets – cats, dogs etc. with other animals being added as my channel grows, however, I also specialise in human portraiture and when my subscription numbers grow I’ll release polls to find out if members would like to see other content such as figurative drawing and portraiture and we can take it from there.

Thanks so much for reading my introduction and hopefully watching my video and I really hope you can join me to start your artistic journey, as you know, art takes many hours to produce and even more hours when you're filming and narrating, so your support in any capacity is greatly appreciated.

As my audience grows, so will my channel, if subscribers increase, so will my content.

Please note: My subscription pricing is in pound sterling.  

Note: should you wish to subscribe it is worth waiting until the beginning of a new month to do so.

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If I reach 100 patrons, I will invite you to Ask Me Anything (AMA) - art related and I'll sit down and record the answers to all your questions and make the vide available too all Bronze, Silver and Gold subscribers.  Further goals will be added should I reach this initial goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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