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About Del

Hi, I am Del!

I am a freelance artist and an art student from Turkey! I work both digitally and  traditionally which here you can view them both, even the oil and acrylic paintings ones I do for school.🎨

What I am looking to accomplish by being on Patreon?

  • Tuition — My main goal is to pay for it on my own. Even though I am studying at a state university, art is in general an expensive department, our education involves a wide range of materials and supplies. I also want to apply to courses both in real life and online to better myself in my area.
  • Bills — My mother and I live together. She does her best to support us and pay all the bills but I want to be able to contribute. Because of school and my health, the job options here I have none to less and it dampers my ability to assist the necessary household expenses.
  • Save for Emergencies — Sh*t happens and we all know that. I want to have that option of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.
  • Treat Yo Self — It's 'treat my mom' in this case. Because after all of the above is settled into a steady road, I just literally want to take her out for dinner, for coffee, for movies, for whatever once or twice a month to treat her, have her live a little and not be constantly stuck between four walls.
  • Support Others — Just like my Patrons who supports me, I want to be able to support my fellow artists and content creators too. 

Unfortunately it is and it has always been a bit hard for me to regularly keep up with Patreon because of my health matters and now with added busy schedule of school. I am really grateful to my patrons who have been very understanding of this with their support. I try to be more active and consistent on my Patrons-only Discord since it gives me an easier time with snapping photos of works and uploading them there. So, if you plan to become a Patron of mine please make sure you get in there! 💜

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[English is my second language and I am self-taught,
if you catch a typo or a grammar error, please let me know!]
$37 of $50 per month
Tuition: Did you know because of the value differences between Dollar and Turkish Lira, $25 per month in a year would cover much of my current school fees and expenses? For the entire semester! And with the rest I can take online courses to better myself in my area. ❤
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