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About Art of Self Care

Creative guides to help you deepen your self-knowledge and resiliency. The better you know yourself, the more effective you are in your work with others. 

Art of Self Care Guided Techniques
With an Art of Self Care patron subscription, you'll receive PDF guides of creative techniques designed specifically to help you learn more about yourself. You can use these techniques to deepen your self-understanding and to easily integrate art making into your life. 

Patreon Subscription - How does it work?
A Patreon subscription allows you immediate access to the PDF guides of my creative techniques for a subsidized rate. These PDF guides are easy-to-follow summaries of the techniques I explore in my workshops, so you're able to do them on your own time whenever it suits you. You'll get immediate access to all my existing techniques and receive future techniques on a consistent basis. Your subscription supports me in being able to afford the time to develop new techniques and produce the PDF guides to support you on your own journey. My account is set up on a per-creation cycle, which means that every time I upload a new technique, your subscription will be billed. I try my best to release a new technique every 4 - 6 weeks. If I don't post, you won't get billed and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You select the tier that is right for you. With the Guided Technique PDFs Tier, you'll receive a PDF of a new creative guide every time I post one. With the Private Coaching Tier, you'll receive a private 1-hr coaching session each month for the duration of your subscription. Here I would coach you through the techniques, we'd review the images you've created and I'd help you look for trends in your experience. We'd work together to find ways to help you grow and navigate your experience.

Best of all, no matter the subscription tier you choose, you receive immediate access to all existing PDF guides (at no extra charge). Just browse through the patron-only posts to find your guides. Pretty cool right?

Hello! I'm Zoë Eyford and I'm the person behind Art of Self Care. My passion is in helping people learn more about themselves by helping them tap into creative expression. I design creative techniques that help to reveal trends in your experience, allowing you deepen your self-knowledge. 

I'm an Art Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist (QA) based in Toronto, Canada. I work primarily with other therapists to help them untangle their experiences so that they can live a more balanced life and do better work with their clients. 

I spend a lot of my time exploring my own experiences through art making and because of that I've found a lot of ways to document the many aspects of my life. I've come to some pretty big realizations through the art that I make and it's had a really powerful impact on how I understand myself and my needs. 

I created a Patreon page because I wanted to be able to share my techniques with as many people as possible. I regularly coach people through my techniques at conferences and in workshops and while I love this work, I realize that it limits the amount of people I can connect with. My goal with Patreon is to expand past my Toronto circle and help people get creative and find deeper self-knowledge. 

Thank you!
Your support means the world to me and further fuels my inspiration to develop new techniques. I hope my work supports you through your journey into deeper self-knowledge. 

Can I benefit from these techniques if I don't consider myself a creative person?
Absolutely! I know that the thought of making art can be extremely intimidating for a lot of people. I design my techniques with the goal of making them as accessible as possible to all people, regardless of how much experience you have as an artist. I incorporate a lot of playfulness into these techniques and encourage you to create in  unconventional ways. 

Can I benefit from these techniques even if I'm not a mental health professional?
Yes! We can all benefit from learning new ways to navigate our experiences. I try to keep my mental-health jargon to a minimum in my techniques so that they are relevant to everyone. I've worked with Olympic athletes, doctors, teachers, artists, designers, lawyers, corporate offices, students and children. Each person, no matter their profession, has found new insights into their experience which has allowed them to better navigate daily challenges. 

Disclaimer - for personal use only
Art of Self Care creative techniques are intended for personal use only and are not designed to be used with clients in a mental health setting.
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My first 25 patrons will receive a sneak-peek of the techniques that are being considered for release as my 2nd PDF guide. They'll get the the chance to vote on which technique will be released :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts