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Hey there,
my real name is Rinalds, but I go by the artist name of Zeony. I've actually just started drawing, it's been like almost 7 months that I seriously have been drawing. Before that I really didn't do that much drawing myself but I've always admired some artists of the amazing pieces they could make and I never knew how it was possible.
So after I got the brilliant idea of drawing a portrait for my girlfriend even though I had no idea how to do it, I got the feeling that I love doing it. While I was drawing I fell in this drawing state of mind and the time past by really fast. When I was done with it, it had took me 6 hours to do, but it really didn't feel like it, although I was mentally drained. 

My final goal is to become a tattoo artist that can do anything you want and make you the most awesome tattoo just for you! To get there I do need some help and support to make it possible.
Thank you for viewing my page!
  If you want to pledge to me you do get to road test it if you're scared (you can pull out before you're charged at the end of any month - so it's risk-free).

I want to study art more and learn all the secrets to the masterpiece I once hope to make.
I want to get more supplies, so I will be able to do more art in more different styles and mediums. I want to make a portfolio full of amazing and aesthetically pleasing tattoo designs. I want to make you guys happy with drawing or painting portraits of you to make you happy. 
 All this is gonna cost money and every support you can give me will be appreciated just so much, I hope this will work!

What you give you will recieve.
I want to help you guys out with starting on your patreon page too, so I do pledge for pledge to help you get started and get started myself.
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per Finished Illusration
Thank you for the support!
That's huge and plenty, thank you! Every dollar takes me closer my goal, I appreciate it!
per Finished Illusration
Thank you for the support! 
You are awesome!
  • You get access to the Patrons-Only feed where we hang out
  • You will also get my sketches and speedpainting e-mailed to you as soon as they're finished! (I do not post these on patreon yet, but I might in the future).
per Finished Illusration
Thank you for the support!
   (+all of the above)
  • You will get a digital sketch drawn for you every month of whatever you want!
  • Acess to the speed-paintings I make.(I do not post these on patreon yet, but I might in the future.
  • You'll be the first to see the step by step to the Finished Illustration 
Remember to contact me and request the drawing, thank you!

$19 of $50 per Finished Illusration
It would be more pleasing if there was just a nice introduction video for the page, not that weird wallpaper up there.
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