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About Artokata

  • We operate an online art museum.

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We build a 3D world in the online.
You can enjoy art in the constructed pseudo world.

I'm not happy with the quality because I don't have time yet...
With increasing demand and Patreon, the 3D world will expand.
You can decorate artwork in a virtual world like the online game.

  • AND
If collect $1 from 100 million people, get $10 billion.
If we really can.
We plan to purchase 1 million images and other of artworks data posted on web services for $100.
Of course, we will disclose all of those profits and the use for this.

  • Main activities

We run an online art museum (hereinafter Artokata) and want to make money from its services and Patreon.
And spend that money on the artist.

[Main use of revenue]
  1. We plan to purchase image data of the works to be exhibited in Artokata from the artists.
  2. Artists use Artokata as a place to present their artwork, and we spend advertising money.

Currently, SNS has many self-producers.
However, You see a small thumbnail in the list and it passes by.
New mechanisms are needed to overcome this situation and make people aware of equality.

We will build the Web services necessary for that.

  • Why we do this
An artist is an elusive job.
It is still an unstable entity that depends on popularity.
Even in today's world of web services, such old practices still exist.

Why are "designers" and "musicians" full-time employees, but "artists" different?
*May vary from country to country.
In this culture,
Leave history.
Nurture sensibility.
Materialized the assertion.

But simply, "Worth" "Future high price" Do the above criteria determine an artist's life and living? What is their "worth"? Maybe no one can explain. Because the value varies from person to person. Even nowadays, there are situations where no one knows what artworks everyone thinks are good. This is an old issue and even if social media is popular, it cannot be fixed.
Create a space where you can find what you like!

This is Artokata.

Thank you !
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