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I am searching my own sound as a producer for Hip Hop, Trap, and R&B music so I need u to be objective cause i wanna improve myself as much as I can. And trust me I can, but I am new in those genres 




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About Artrock Beats

Hi everyone, my brand name is Artrock Beats. I am producing music for 15 years and now I am doing something totally different than I used to: Hip Hop, Trap, and R&B beats and instrumentals.
What I am searching for is my unique sound, that is very important because there is like million of them who is doing the same thing and most of them r really good.
So I am doing this for a month, I am getting better but I could do so much better and I hope u can help me to find my own sound buy telling me what is good whats bad in my music, that's like I said really important for what I am tryin from now on.
All the best to everyone

$0 of $1,000 per month
If i reach this I will definitely teach other producers and young people how to do this buy tutorials and livestreams
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