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is creating Sexy Photos. Fetish, Nude, Pinup, Cosplay, Bondage.
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About ART•ROTIC by VIXEN Photography

I've been snapping sexy pix for years! I started VIXEN Photography in 2011 and have been at it nonstop since. I love it and want to keep doing it! But I want to evolve... to take my photographic art to the next level. 

I'm launching a Patreon page to help fund this next level of my sexy creative photographic adventure! I appreciate your support and in return I'll offer you sets of images and experimental videos that will excite you and make you proud to support. 

Until now, I've never had a good outlet for displaying my more revealing work. With your support I will be booking ladies who want to express themselves through artistic nude shots, fetish and bondage shots, cosplay and more. It's awesome to connect with with someone and capture a side of them that people rarely get to see... and how cool to get to share the results of that exploration with you! Your support grants you access to creative uncensored photo sets and experimental videos. 

I love the technical aspects of photography. The lighting, the camera, the editing. I'm constantly pushing myself to learn and improve. Your support will help me afford all the gear I am purchasing for this project. I recently upgraded my camera to one of the best! The Nikon D850. Using it is really upping my game and the quality of my work. It's enabling me to shoot in lower light settings so I have more control over shadows and focus. I recently purchased new Einstein strobes along with all the modifiers and attachments so I can paint with light with more control than ever. I own some of the best lenses for shooting in low light and for controlling depth of field (focal point). I just invested in repairing my lenses so they work better than ever.  Over the past 8 months I completely renovated a sweet studio space in Carlsbad, CA. It's full of unique furniture, sets, props and backdrops. It's a perfect space for the work I am doing. I've purchased on credit and have invested roughly $50k in my art project over the past year alone... yet I am a self employed artist and have a family to support. That means I hustle... constantly to make ends meet. But I am willing to put in the time for what I believe in... and I do believe this project will really take off if I can stay in the game and continue to push the art further. Your generous support will help fund the equipment and props that will serve as critical elements in the work.

This project is about digging deeper conceptually, experimenting with technique, improving my studio lighting game and finding new cool locations to shoot at. It also means planning artistic shoots with specific intentions and goals in mind. It means collaborating with costume designers, shibari artists, hair and makeup artists.

I started this Patreon page in November 2017... Based on growing interest and support I have decided to give the project it's own identity! I am now calling it ART•ROTIC. Keeping erotic art tasteful... but still pushing the boundaries and making it sexy as fuck! I just spent thousands of dollars on a new secure server set up so I can host a beautifully designed member website for your hungry eyeballs. No clutter... no ads... just clean lines and large high quality photos and videos. As a Patreon supporter you will be the first to gain access to the website!

Your support here will help fund my sexy creative photographic art projects... and by supporting you get exclusive access to the uncensored beauty that I capture and create on this journey.

Thank you for your generous patronage!

-Scottsaw. @scottsaw @vixenphoto @art.rotic
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When I reach $250/month I will mail all of my $9+ supporters a hand written thank you note and will include a one of a kind kinky instax photo of one of my models. 
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